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Design Trends for The Year Ahead

Our design motto for 2023 is Go Big for Your Home! We are all spending more time at home these days. Sure, it started out as a necessity, but now we’re staying home because we’ve spent the past three years making our spaces work better for us. Part of that is embracing oversized elements. Bigger is better!

Up for a Kitchen Reno?

Let’s make it bigger! Have you ever noticed that no matter how big or small your kitchen is everyone in the house seems to gravitate there. Maybe this is some remnant of our primitive instinct to gather near the food and the fire, or maybe we just all love snacks. Either way you’ve probably thought time and again how nice it would be to have space for everyone to hang out. 

The space you have available will determine how much we will be able to expand your kitchen. Opening up the kitchen area to include a breakfast nook or full breakfast table gives everyone plenty of room to hang out in your kitchen. Adding a bigger oven with an oversized hood will take your new space to the next level!

More Ways to Go Big

Let in more light by enlarging your windows. If you don’t want to change the horizontal space your windows take up you can go vertical. Add a half-moon shaped window to the tops of square or rectangular windows gives you larger windows with a new look.

Bigger furniture is in, too. It’s so cozy to be able to curl up in an oversized sofa to read a book. If you have the space for a larger dining table, don’t hesitate! Bigger vanities are also amazing. Not only does it look luxe, you will have plenty of space for all your makeup and hair tools. 

Enlarging your shower will give your bathroom a major upgrade. Add a rainfall shower head and you’ll feel like you have your own personal spa.

If you can think of more things to go bigger on, we’re here for it! Whatever changes you want to make we’re here to help. Reach out to us to let us know what you want to supersize!