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Designing a Custom Home without an Architect? Big No, No.

Designing a custom home is one of the greatest undertakings you, as a homeowner, may ever experience. It’s a process full of elation, worry, wonder, frustration, excitement and awe, among many, many other emotions. In short, it’s a beautiful and fulfilling process but it can also be extremely trying if you don’t do it right.

And how do you it right? It’s simple. Don’t skip the architect. You have many options when it comes to building a custom home, but only one professional has the knowledge, experience and insight to cover all your bases and make the home of your dreams a reality.

An architect is the only design professional that has the training, abilities and vision to best design your home, guiding everyone and everything through construction into completion. Architects are required to have education at major accredited universities, degrees, years of internships, comprehensive licensing examinations, decades of exhaustive experience, licensing with state and professional organizations and ongoing continuing education.

Here’s a breakdown of why you need an architect.

The investment of a lifetime

Building a custom home for you is one of the biggest undertakings you could ever make for a home. Don’t you want it done right? Don’t you need every inch to match your vision exactly? The wisest investment you can make in your dream home is to hire an architect. Plus, you’d be surprised at how much they can save you in other areas of the design and construction process.

Building into a location

When you are building into a specific lot or location, you can’t afford not to hire an architect. If you really want to get the full potential out of your land and especially if you have a unique piece of property, an architect will be able to see that your home and the property are seamlessly joined and maximized.

Your dream home isn’t designed yet

Stock plans, home designers and home builders can all get the job done but they don’t specialize in the complete customizations that architects can make. Your home is one of a kind. It does not exist in ready-made plans. The only way to see your home come to life is with an architect.

Bidding and pricing management

When it comes to negotiations with contractors and builders, an architect how to get you the best prices and the best value. This single benefit can more than make up for the architects fee by potentially saving you tens of thousands of dollars.

Economizing design

As you list off all the wants and needs you have in a home, an architect can help you prioritize and manage your wish list. You’ll be the one in charge of your home design but the architect can give you the lowdown on cost effectiveness and economic building and design. Yet again, you could save enormous amounts of money in the build by hiring an architect.

Satisfaction and enjoyment

When you live in a home that matches you and your family’s needs, you have created a paradise for yourself. Every aspect of the home is customized to you. The years of satisfaction and enjoyment you can get out of your home is priceless.

If you’re still on the fence as to whether you should hire an architect, let us buy you a cup of coffee (delivered to you, if preferred) and chat (over Zoom, if preferred). No strings, no obligations. We just want to be your sounding board should you have any questions before you embark on building a custom home. We always like talking through big decisions, and when it comes to design and architecture – we know a thing or two. So, what are you waiting for?