…a house is not a home until you love where you live…

Show Your Home Some Love this Valentine’s Day: Quick Upgrades to Liven Your Space

Cupid’s arrows shouldn’t be strictly reserved for humans. What about homes? Our homes need love too. After all they give us, we should think about giving them something back. OK, it’s a little selfish because everything we give our home is also a present for us, but shhh! our homes don’t have to know that.

Here are 12 quick upgrades that can liven up your home and fill it with even more warmth, functionality, texture, color, luxury and elegance


When in doubt, paint. Paint is one of the best ways to give any room a makeover and a new feel. Colors for 2021 are all generally going to be warm and healing (basically, colors that will help us recover from 2020). Think: Earthy neutrals, warm, light, restorative, soft and gentle. And you can always add a splash of color to an accent wall to really liven things up.

Hardware swap

Handles, knobs, switch plates and more. This is one of the easiest ways to shake things up and bring in something new. These small fixtures can make a big difference in any room, but especially the kitchen.

New lights, now look

Light can do wonders for any room or outdoor space. Upgrade your lighting with modern masterpieces. Bring it all back with recessed fixtures or let it hang low with a chandelier. Warm, welcoming, open, airy lights can accomplish so much.

Art gallery

How’s the art scene in your home?  You don’t have to be the most post-post modern or avant-garde, just find the style that suits you and your home. Hanging up art in a curated and well-designed way can transform your space.


Sometimes it’s those light, subtle touches that really bring a space together and freshen things up. You could go with any style that suits your home, bringing in the latest and greatest or keeping it classic with stylish antiques.


You could paint, reface or upgrade all your cabinetry. Few things can transform a space, especially a kitchen, as thoroughly as new cabinets.


There’s nothing like entering your home and feeling like your walking into a Zen garden or a lush botanic garden. Front, back, sides, livening up your landscape will do wonders for how you feel about your home and it’s one of the most proven ways to up the value of your home.

Window Treatments

Shutters, curtains, molding, aprons, oh my. If you’re leaving your windows bare, you are missing out on worlds of opportunities to gain a new perspective.


Wallpaper is making a big comeback. It’s a sure-fire way to renovate any room. It’s also relatively easy to install and take down, just in case you want to dress your walls to your mood.


Rather than a place of utility, think of your bathroom as a place of peace and rejuvenation. Think steam showers and a luxurious bathtub, gorgeous fixtures and elegant mirrors. Every day could be a spa day


“Is your refrigerator running?” Sorry, we’re old school with our prank calls. But don’t forget that an appliance swap could really give your home some new zest and new life (not to mention making your life more convenient and stylish).


A beautiful and functional backsplash could be just the thing to breathe new life into your space. Once you enter the world of tile, you have a spectrum of options to choose from, each more unique and appealing than the last. But tile isn’t your only option for a backsplash. You have dozens of materials and textures to consider.

This rundown was quick and bullet-pointed. Do you feel out of breath from excitement? If any of these upgrades strike your fancy and you’re not feeling so DIY, we’ve got your ticket. Set up a free consultation today to show your home some love.