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The Repercussions of Cutting Design Corners

Most people’s top concern when looking to remodel or build from the ground up is the “B-word.” Budget can be a major determinant in how we remodel, what bells and whistles we spring for and, ultimately, the end result.

We get it, budget is a top consideration in our books too. We always work with our clients to design their dreams within the realities of time, space and resources and yet, there is a MAJOR difference in cutting costs vs. cutting corners.

For most homeowners, cutting corners is all about those quick and easy ways to save money. Skip a permit here, skip the architect, go for the lower-end products and no one will notice, right? The simple truth is that there’s a cost to cutting corners. And nine times out of ten, those money-saving, corner-cutting tactics are going to cost you much more in the long run.

Cutting out the architect, designer or qualified professional

Architects ensure that the aesthetics meld together with the structural requirements of the home. They’re trained in the art and science of building design including design theory, engineering and project management. This means you get absolutely everything that your home project needs, all in one package.

An interior designer works hand-in-hand with you to apply creative and technical solutions that will enhance your quality of life, while adhering to code and regulatory requirements. Interior design is the art and science of researching and understanding behaviors in order to create functional spaces that are also beautiful.

If you cut corners on the architect, designer, contractor or other qualified professional, you are putting your family and your home at risk. Safety is a top concern. Then there’s also poor quality of craftsmanship that you may have to rehire another professional to fix later on. Additionally, you’ll want to think about the resale value of your home. When you cut out the experts, you cut out the expert work.

Taking the lowest bid

It’s easy to look at numbers on a piece of paper and pick the lowest figure. That’s simple economics. If A is less than B, and I only have X amount of money, then I’m going with A (bet you didn’t know we were mathematicians too!). But cost and value don’t follow the same straightforward equation.

Would you rather hire a novice tattoo artist or a seasoned professional to mark you for life? Would you want the doctor in Thailand who could do the critical surgery at a quarter of the price? Extreme examples, we know. But we believe a home is that important. You can’t choose your architect or designer on price alone. You need to know their work is pristine and that it holds up. Check out their reviews and testimonials. Ask them how they handle the whole process. Look at their portfolio.

Don’t let price be your guiding light when finding the right architect or designer for your project. Your family and your home are too important.

Going with the cheap stuff

Ever get that cheap bottle of wine because you didn’t think it mattered? How’d you feel the next day? Think about how you’d feel if went with the cheap stuff for your home and had to live with it for 5, 10, 50 years…

It’s easy to price shop on hardware, fixtures, countertops, cabinets, etc., etc. While there are a wide range of products to choose from, there is also a wide range of quality. Trust your designer to help you find the best products for the best value. Here at Debowsky Design Group, we have relationships with a number of vendors with products that we know and trust. We can find ways to save where it counts and still provide you with the best of the best in home fixtures and design.

Still worried about creating your perfect space within your budget? There are so many ways to cut costs without cutting corners. Ask us, we can help.

For us, architecture and design is about identifying and manifesting your aesthetic and practical goals, then bringing those hopes and wishes to life. We work together to clarify, refine and design your dreams into a home you’ll never want to leave. We can do it within your budgeting goals, too.