…a house is not a home until you love where you live…

Designing a Home You Can Really Love

When you think of your dream home what are the first things that come to mind? Your home design should reflect your personality and style while creating practical spaces geared toward your day-to-day life; it should give you a feeling of comfort and solace. Creating this design requires a thoughtful process from both you and your design team. 

As we collaborate with our clients to design a home they will love, here are a few of the details we ask them to should consider.

Form and Function Working Together

The most amazing, aesthetically pleasing design doesn’t necessarily mean a design everyone will love living in. Creating a space that you will love to spend time in starts with understanding your lifestyle and how you use your space. Think about what you do at home that brings you the most joy, about your daily routines and needs. 

Using the space and budget for a fully appointed chef’s kitchen is an excellent choice if you love to cook and spend hours everyday in the kitchen. It’s wasted, however, if you mostly DoorDash most dinners. If you have a small family, but love to entertain a dining area with room to seat twelve might be perfect for you even though it doesn’t seem to match at first glance. 

Make the Décor Meaningful & the Palette Personal

Surrounding yourself with colors and things you love make coming home the best part of your day. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to neutral color palettes if you love them. Or perhaps if you love art and want the focus on it rather than the color of your walls. On the other hand, if you love rich and vibrant colors don’t shy away from them in order to conform to a trend you saw on TV. 

Don’t forget you have so many opportunities to use color – not just on your walls. Get colorful with furniture and art. Monochromatic rooms in jewel tones with the trim, walls, and ceiling all painted the same color are stunning. The point is, don’t shy away from being bold if it’s what you enjoy.

Lean into décor that means something to you. Souvenirs, original artwork by someone local, family photos are all décor items that make a room go from decorated to curated.

Tap into your creativity, and maybe go on a little journey of self-discovery, while choosing the design elements that speak to you. Start small if you feel like you need to. When you’re ready to jump into a renovation project that reflects your vision we’re here for it. At Debowsky Design Group, our clients are our focus. We intentionally don’t have an aesthetic in our projects as our client’s aesthetic is more important than ours. Afterall, no one knows what you love better than you do. Let’s make your home into your dream home. Call us when you want to get started.