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The Nuance Behind the “How Long and How Much” Question When It Comes to Renovating Your Home

“How long will it take?” and “How much will it cost?” These two questions are reasonable ones to ask, and central to the planning phase of any renovation. It would be awesome if the answers were concrete, but the nuances involved are frequently overlooked. Let’s get into some of the details that figure into both cost and length of a project. Understanding the variables that make each project unique make it easier to understand how to plan both your time and budget. 

Scope and Complexity

It probably goes without saying that remodeling one room will cost less, and take less time than a whole home renovation. However, these variables need to be considered together. The scope of renovating a large, open concept family room is obviously larger than the complete renovation of a small bathroom. However, the bathroom will be a more complex job. In this example, two projects that might not seem the same size could have a comparable budget and timeline.

Turning Your Vision Into a Plan

How much time is spent in the planning and design phase depends on how much consultation is needed with architects, designers, and contractors. Simpler designs with fewer logistics to work through will take less time than a more complex idea. The more information you have complied prior to starting this process, the sooner we will be to predict how much time will be spent on planning. For most of our clients, this takes about TK time, but that is of course dependent on all the other factors laid out here. 

Permitting and Approvals

Obtaining all the needed permits and approvals is a bureaucratic process that works on its own time. Working with a team who are experienced in local regulations and have relationships with the entities involved makes this more streamlined. However, everyone is subject to the schedules of the local authorities. Getting paperwork filled out completely and correctly can make a big difference.

Material Selection and Availability

The options you choose when it comes to materials has an impact on both time and cost. If you have your heart set on some custom, specialty materials you can expect longer lead times and higher cost. As your design team, we can work with you to help you balance the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve with a practical budget and timeline that works for you. 

Plan For the Unknown

As far as we know there has never been a renovation that has not run into a single surprise or unforeseen challenge. While working with our clients to create a budget and timeline we include a contingency section within the budget. We also estimate on the higher end of the timeline to make sure we have allotted enough time to handle any issues we weren’t able to predict. We can’t eliminate uncertainty, but we can prepare for it.

Once we have had a chance to work with you on your design dream we are better able to give you a good idea of “how long” and “how much.” We are looking to strike a delicate balance between your vision, budget, and the practical aspects of the construction process. Let’s talk about your project and its specific nuances. We can’t predict the future, but we can help you plan it with a high degree of accuracy. Ready to start? Let’s get the ball rolling.