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Designing with Hurricane Season in Mind

Living in Miami is mostly filled with upsides, but tropical weather can also mean tropical storms. Hurricanes and severe weather are just part of life in Miami. Using great design to make sure your home is as prepared as possible is peace of mind – and maybe even a little break on those sky high insurance premiums.

Resilient and Resistant – Not Hurricane Proof

No matter how much we prepare your home there just is no such thing as “hurricane proof.” Be wary of anything advertised as such. However, retrofitting your home to be more resistant to severe weather is something everyone should be looking into. 

Retractable storm shutters are a necessity at this point. But installing impact windows & doors makes such a nice impact aesthetically (plus they are better insulated so your electric bill is lower along with your insurance).

Thriving in the Aftermath

The days and weeks following a big storm are just as dangerous as the storm itself. Having an alternate source of electricity is a major game changer! Installing a full house generators or solar panels with a wall battery will make you the most popular person in the neighborhood. We can help you sort through the options and choose one that will be both efficient and sustainable.

Do you already have a water purification system? If not it’s a good time to think about getting one. No access to clean water can last for way too long following a big storm. 

We can help you assess your home’s biggest risks when it comes to storm damage. When you’re ready to add some upgrades to protect yourself and your property let us know.