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5 Elements to Incorporate into Your Home Design for the Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Lifestyle

The question isn’t whether life in Miami should be an indoor/outdoor experience or not, it’s what is the way to maximize the utility of your living spaces – both indoor and outdoor –to increase your living space and your enjoyment. 

Add one or all of these five elements for a home that fits into your perfect indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

Cantina Doors

You might know these as folding glass doors or stacking doors. They’re like having a removable wall and they are an absolute game changer! Cantina doors allow you to fully integrate your home’s interior to the exterior. They look phenomenal and are one of the most functional upgrades you can make when it comes to blending the indoors with the outdoors.


Is there really anything more essential to Miami than a backyard pool? We can’t think of one. Go all in for a lagoon style pool fit for a resort or go with a retro, simple geometric design – either way is, as the kids say, a whole mood. Saltwater pools have become more and more popular over the years as a more skin-friendly option.

Outdoor Kitchen or Bar

Give yourself a place to prep and cook without having to leave the pool party! Outdoor kitchens are next level for outdoor living spaces. We can help you create the space that matches your life. If catering is more your thing, putting in a wet bar is a great option. If you love to grill, make that your focus. One of our favorite features is a brick pizza oven. Fresh, homemade pizza on the patio is a win every time.

Extension to Living

Creating a seamless connection between your indoor and outdoor spaces increases your living area. Situating your outdoor living space to be an extension of the indoors is all about design. We can work with you and your existing spaces to meld the indoors and outdoors. Or we can create a second, separate outdoor living area under a pergola or patio. 

Guest Bathroom

Hear us out on this one. Having an extra guest bathroom convenient to your outdoor living spaces is a big backyard bonus. If you have a pool adding a dressing room with a bathroom turns a pool equipment shed into a mini-pool house. You can also add a half bath to your interior with an exterior door allowing access to a guest bathroom without anyone needing to go through the house. Your family will get as much use from this as your guests. We’re ready to get started designing your indoor/outdoor renovation whenever you are!