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For a Summer Pool Party – Start the Process in January

If you wait until the weather starts to warm up again to start thinking about your plans of hosting the biggest pool party of the summer season, you will risk missing the boat, or shall we say, the giant unicorn floatie. 

Over the past few years, construction timelines have gotten a bit wonky to say the least. Due to material shortages, shipping kerfuffles, and labor shortages – the typical estimated timelines for projects, like pool installations, have gone out the proverbial window.

Today, we are looking at a window of six to twelve months from when you first make that phone call to start your pool build to being able to jump in for the first time. 

Things to Consider When Planning for a New Pool

If you think pools may be simple enough to add to your backyard, we say – not so fast. The reality is pools are complicated. Really, any place where water, plumbing and electricity is involved – is going to require a steady hand, lots of pre-planning and some serious safety inspections once completed. 

Not to scare anyone – but we’ve heard our fair share of horror stories due to rushed pool installations and we wouldn’t wish that on our least-favorite frenemy. 

Here are a few things to consider when getting ready to build a pool in your yard.

The Land: Do you live on uneven terrain? Do you have enough space for the size pool you want? What kind of soil do you have under your property (or is it rock?). How complicated will it be to get the necessary machinery into your yard to dig up the space for your pool? All these details come into consideration and can either expedite or delay the timeline for you.

Wild Card Factors: There are a few things that are part of every pool project that  cannot be controlled. The first is the weather. Most pool work cannot be done in wet weather conditions. Ironic, we know. Excavation and construction can get stuck waiting for dry conditions and there’s just no way to avoid it or predict it enough in advance to plan around it. Secondly, permits. Pools must be fully permitted and inspected. As you might imagine, there aren’t always inspectors available, and pool builds are at the mercy of their schedules to get each permitted step completed. 

All that being said, if you are ready to add a pool to your yard, now is the perfect time to get started. If you’re ready – give us a call today.