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Is Wood or Tile Better for SoFla Flooring?

So, the time has come for a flooring renovation. You’ve probably discovered by now that there are a lot – a whole lot – of choices! Consider these three factors: form, function, and budget. We are frequently asked if wood or tile is a better choice here in Miami.

Short Answer: Tile

If you are neutral between tile and wood flooring in Miami, we’d say tile is the way to go. Our frequently hot, always humid climate can be rough on natural hardwood flooring. The wrong humidity level – too much or too little – is one of the worst environmental factors for wood flooring (any long-timers that lost power after a hurricane for days will tell you what the lack of air conditioning did to their floors).

You Love the Look of Wood?

It’s important to love where you live. We say all the time that’s what makes a house into a home. If you love the look of wood floors, there’s great news – wood look tile. If your initial reaction is something like “no way,” hear us out! Years ago wood look tile was very limited. Individual tiles were still very much tile-sized which only sort of achieved the look of wood. Things have changed! Technology has improved and you can achieve a very warm, natural wood look with high quality porcelain tile.

We can help you find a wood-look tile to fit any aesthetic you have in mind. The tiles come in longer planks, more like natural wood. You just cannot beat porcelain tile for durability and simple maintenance. Using a thin grout line in a matching color really helps bring home the visual impact of wood.

Long Answer: Whichever You Prefer

It’s your floor at the end of the day – it should be exactly what you want. If that natural wood feel under your feet is what you need, there’s no reason to look anywhere else. Give us a call. We’re here to help you make your home upgrades fit your style and your budget. And of course, we’ll give you the best advice out there about renovating in SoFla!