…a house is not a home until you love where you live…

Sneak a Peek at This Home Transformation

Odds are you’re not here to read what we have to say, but to look at some of our work, so we’ll cut to the chase: this project in Coral Gables was a great one to work on. We always say that your house is not a home until you love where you live. Renovations like this one give our clients the opportunity to make their visions a reality and spend their time in a space they want to be in. 

Coral Gables Cool

If you’ve spent some time in Miami, you already know why the Gables is so in-demand. The tree-lined streets, the Mediterranean-style homes, the easy access to everything Miami has to offer. 

The original homes in the Gables were built in the 1920’s, and even though many are newer, there is always room to update and upgrade. Our clients requested a kitchen fit for a chef as well as outdoor space designed to entertain their friends and family. We were able to create an oasis for them in the middle of the city.

Chef’s Kitchen

Clean lines and a simple color palette make this kitchen a blank canvas for the culinary arts. A large island with a sink creates an excellent prep space for the most demanding sous-chef. The appliances in this Gables kitchen are top of the line and built in to their own spaces to maximize efficiency. Plenty of light from gorgeous clear globes above the island tick boxes for both form and function.

Our client knew they wanted their kitchen to match the way they cooked better. The best part of renovating is keeping the things you love about your home while upgrading and improving others to fit your needs. 

Space for Entertaining

Outdoor spaces are so versatile. The same clean lines in the kitchen are repeated in the backyard. With a focus on the beautiful green space and the large, mature shade tree the space is designed to be used in a myriad of ways. The classic, rectangular pool is big enough to enjoy, but leaves plenty of open area for a garden party. Their courtyard is a dining area fit for a casual dinner party. 

In addition to their luxe indoor kitchen, they have an outdoor kitchen with a grill and mini-fridge. Perfect to be a bar area, or a prep and grill area. The simple design leaves them room to handle for any type of event they want to host.We can help you create the vision you have for your home, too. It could be a full home renovation or a couple of specific spaces like this Coral Gables home. Whatever your dream is for your home we can help you make it reality! Let’s Do It!