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The 5 Components of an Ideal Outdoor Living Area

Summertime is here, which means the year-round outdoor living Miamians have come to love is still in effect. One of the most fun things we get to do is help our clients create truly cool outdoor living spaces. We think you need these 5 things for the ideal backyard oasis.


Yeah, we’re saying it. Having a swimming pool is cool. It’s a timeless kind of cool. Something about water calls to people in a primal way. No matter how old you get walking out your back door to slip into your own pool is a feeling of freedom mixed with nostalgia that you just can’t beat. 

Whether you have the available space for a resort-style pool with a waterfall feature or prefer something more compact you need a pool to make your outdoor dreams into realities. 

Lounge Area

Having a place to get out of the water, and out of the sun, makes your outdoor living area as comfy as anything you have indoors. Flexible space is key here. Sometimes you want to soak up some sun, but on the hottest days the shade is a reprieve. The ability to either easily adjust seating or have shade umbrellas that are simple to move around makes for the most useable space. If you really want to go for the full resort impact, add a mister. Staycations have never been so vacation-y!

Outdoor Kitchen or Grill

Whether you’re an iron chef or more of a grill master, having a place to cook outside is a game changer. In an ideal world, your home + yard allows having a pass-through area from your indoor kitchen to your outdoor kitchen. You don’t have to have every single appliance outside that you have inside if it’s easy to get access your main kitchen for ingredients (and the best part about renovating your home is you can make your ideal world real). Just imagine having your own brick oven and spending your evenings creating homemade pizzas to impress everyone who will no doubt be hanging out.

If you want to do a weekly asado, adding a good quality grill with a user-friendly prep area will be your sanctuary. Then if you add a mini-fridge for marinating meat – and your own personal beverage stash – *chef’s kiss.*

Dining Space

Dining al fresco on a balmy evening after a day with friends and family around the pool is just about as good as it gets. Anything from a simple set of picnic tables in a retro roadside style or something more suited to a Tuscan villa does the trick – whatever fits your style, your space, and your family is what matters. We love to create little vignettes with enough separation to be outdoor rooms, but close enough to conveniently serve from your kitchen or grill. It’s an easy way to expand your living space naturally into your backyard.


If your outdoor space is a gift to yourself, the landscaping is the bow on the package. South Florida’s subtropical climate is excellent for growing just about any kind of plants you want. We can help you create a wild jungle filled with big green leafy plants and fragrant tropical flowers. If a more regimented garden is more your style, we’re in. Fruit trees? Yes! Let’s do it all!Ready to plan your outdoor oasis? We’re hyped for it, let’s get started!