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Pools, Pergolas, and Perennials

Outdoor spaces can be the most relaxing spot in, or out, of your home. You don’t have to have an acre of space for a sprawling garden or resort-worthy pool. Working with smaller spaces can be some of the most impressive transformations from a simple backyard to an outdoor living area.

The Versatile Pergola!

Sure, you could have a covered porch, but pergolas are one of the most useful features you can build for an outdoor space. They can be designed to fit within nearly any space. They’re normally built in square or rectangular shapes, but we can create a more custom shape to fit into the natural landscape of your property. 

A pergola can be built from so many different materials, and both their form and function can be adjusted to fit your style. For example: aluminum is a durable material for our climate, and we can design it to fit pretty much any aesthetic. The angle, spacing and vertical/horizontal orientation can all be adjusted to fit your vision.

It also creates a framework for draping twinkling lights, or a profusion of leafy vines. We can add a misting system, or a ceiling fan, or both. 

Pools and Perennials

Adding water and flora to your outdoor spaces brings it all together. Fortunately, here in south Florida even the worst gardeners can feel like they have a green thumb. Annuals are a great way to add temporary color – instant gratification gardening. Perennials on the other hand are an investment! These plants will come back year after year for you to enjoy. 

A backyard pool is about as Miami as it gets! And why not? Our weather means we can enjoy our pools at least 9 months out of the year. If you have the space and the budget installing a pool is high on our list of recommendations. Are you ready to plan your backyard make-over? We are! Let’s talk about it!