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Of the Moment Home Trends in New Construction

We see you. You don’t follow trends. You set them.

When we talk about new construction, we don’t talk about trends anymore, either. Here at Debowsky Design Group, we call them design evolutions. And the ones coming in 2019 have a much longer shelf life than any trends we’ve seen in the past.

Imagine your new home with these timeless features:

  1. Flexibility. When a dining room can turn into a media room on a moment’s notice, that’s a trend to keep. Same goes for a guest room moonlighting as an uber-professional and sleek home office that shows no sign of a bed, nightstand, or the extra clothes that don’t fit in the master closet. Our architects design changeable rooms that flow with your family’s needs, and our designers fill them with transformational pieces.
  2. Open up. Remember when the trend was living outside? We’ve designed our share of outdoor kitchens and living spaces, and we love each one. But in 2019 and beyond, windows are the star of the home. The larger, the better. Our designers know just where to install them to provide maximum air and light quality in your spaces, providing fresh air and optimized light levels no matter what task you’re tackling.
  3. Nothing looks as good as healthy feels. We don’t just focus on perfect aesthetics; the homes we build promote your well-being, too. Our signature new homes include in-home spa features, significant reductions in indoor air pollution, non-toxic and all-natural materials, and energy-positive design.

As for the trends that are disappearing? In no particular order:

  1. All-white interiors, especially kitchens. This will forever be a hotly debated topic in the design world, but no one can argue that all-white is hard to keep clean. Worse, when it’s not executed perfectly, an all-white interior can come across as too stark, sterile, and unfriendly. Let our designers show you some options.
  2. Second-floor home theaters. They sound good, but they rarely get used. Our recommendation in new builds is to incorporate a first-floor media room near the kitchen and family areas.
  3. Unused rooms. Formal living spaces are becoming extinct. When we design new homes for our clients, we spend a lot of time getting to know them, from their décor taste to how they spend their free time.
  4. Stainless steel appliances. We love options to the tried-and-true standard stuff, so we incorporate a lot of integrated appliances in millwork and standout painted ranges in our custom homes.

We say it all the time: Life is short – build the house. And while we’re at it – let’s build on that. Building your own home doesn’t follow any trends but one: you.

When you build new – you will be living in a space perfectly suited for you and your needs. It will give you goose bumps every time you walk through the front door. That never goes out of style For more tips and a free new construction consultation, get in touch with our team today.