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How Architects See Space and Why You Want to Hire One for Your Big Project

Space: the final frontier…of home design. 

Okay, okay – we couldn’t help ourselves. But for its truth – its couldn’t be more on point. 

Space is probably one of the most, if not THE most important aspect of designing your home. As architects, it is our job – literally our specific hard-earned skill set – to be able to walk into any room, home, or plot of land and start to see things move about in our mind to create a better utilized use of, well, space. 

Yes, it’s a little like the Scarlet Witch building her house in WandaVision but without all the red magic vibes. 

How an Architect Sees Space

Have you ever walked into your kitchen or primary bath and just wondered how you could re-arrange cabinetry or plumbing – or really the whole room – to get the most out of the space you have? And have you ever just felt like you wished you could have someone standing next to you rife with opportunities and ideas?

That’s what an architect does. We can see, just by being in a specific space, whether that wall is load bearing, how easily plumbing can move so that you can create a dedicated space for a free-standing tub, how effectively we can use that corner for extra storage – and so much more. 

And some of the best of us can estimate costs while we kick around ideas too. Giving you a better understanding of estimates based on each iteration that we can create in a moment. 

Most of the time, homeowners know they want to do something distinctive to improve their existing home – or even to build new entirely – but the ideas aren’t fully formed. Architects can help take your wants, your needs, your style – and translate it into drawings and renderings that soon become your brand new, incredibly stunning new home. 

Why You Want to Hire an Architect 

Oftentimes, we hear clients who previously discussed skipping out on an architect and going straight to the contractor to help renovate their home. Contractors are, after all, experienced in renovations and know what wall is load bearing too. 

True. Great contractors can help tell you what can and can’t be done. 

And here comes the “but.” 

BUT! Contractors do not design your home to maximize the use of space and blend it with modern design aesthetics. And in fact, some contractors can be lazy and simply tell you that something cannot be done – when in fact, not only can it be done – but it can be done so much better. 

An architect can translate your home into something that you may not have thought possible. We take our lessons from Tom Hardy, and we dream a little bigger, darlings.