…a house is not a home until you love where you live…

How to Best Incorporate Interiors into Your Architectural Plans

Have you always thought of architectural plans as only pertaining to your exterior structure and interior design as the finishing touches? You are not alone if you have. In reality they are more connected than not. Incorporating how you want to live in your space into your architectural plans will give you a seamless and cohesively designed home that you will love for years. At Debowsky Design Group we do it all, so we can work with you from concept to completion – interior design and décor included. We look at projects as a whole, so we have some strategies you can use to help you get the final result of your dreams. 

Collaboration is the Key for Successful Home Design

We approach the design process as a collaborative effort. Our clients are key collaborators – we work closely with you to make your vision into a reality within your budget. Planning the architectural parts of your project with your ultimate goals, including what you want from your interiors, from the beginning allows us to adjust to avoid any potential pitfalls that could interfere with the finished project. 

Custom architectural features can go a long way to enhance your interior design. These can be both functional and visually impactful. Built-in shelving with a custom design to match your style looks fantastic and provides you with storage based on your needs. Finally, a place to hold your vintage vinyl collection without having to make albums fit on a standard bookcase. Interior elements like a unique staircase, a spa-style bathroom, a chef’s kitchen – you get the idea – whatever it is that will make you love where you live and spend your time.  

Plan Like an Architect

More to the point, consult your architect when you’re planning your interiors. Planning the space effectively makes your home more functional as well as visually appealing. We consider things like flow of foot traffic, where to place lighting to make it look great while giving you the light you need. Placement of windows and doors also support great interior design, without that collaboration you have to design around the space instead of building to fit the design. Integrating architecture with interior décor in mind makes for spaces that are comfortable and practical. This is the best way to make your home into your dream space for the long term. 

We also work with our clients to coordinate materials and from interior to exterior. If you have brass light fixtures inside, maybe choosing brass finishes for outdoor lighting is a good idea – or maybe it’s too much and you need something that accents it. Coordinate the style of your exterior with the interior – like a little preview of what’s inside. These details will take your home to the next level. 

At Debowsky Design Group we want to share your vision with you and help you make it into a reality. We have a cohesive approach to interiors and architecture combined with a commitment to excellent communication throughout your project. If you’re ready to get started on your dream home, or if you have questions for us about the process, give us a call. We want to hear from you.