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How to Jazz Up Your Home on a Budget

We’ve all been there – you look around one day and realize you’re just bored with your current décor. You don’t notice the details and gloss over whole rooms. The good news is that you don’t have to dive into a big – and expensive – redesign to refresh your home’s aesthetic. We have some tips and tricks to add a little bit of spice without breaking the bank.

Jazz Up Your Interior Décor

Start with what you already have. If you liked all the décor in your home when you chose it, sometimes things just need to be rearranged and reimagined to freshen up your design. Collect items like plants, accent lamps, and small décor pieces in a staging area. Regroup items you still like and relocate them to different spaces. If there are some that you just don’t like anymore sell them to a consignment shop or Facebook marketplace to add to your new décor fund. 

Look for patterns that you like. Do you have a collection of things that are all in shades of pink and peach? Use that by choosing one room for those items to go in. Then add some more pops of color in those shades by getting some new pillow covers or a throw blanket. 

Don’t forget how much difference just moving bigger pieces around can be. Reorient your furniture to create a whole new feel in any room. As you’re planning remember to consider paths through the space, and within the space to avoid frustration if the first vision turns out to be impractical.

Refresh Your Exteriors

Some changes to your home’s exterior give you a new and fresh feel every time you pull up. Choose a new color for your front door. A little pop of color can be a nice change, and painting any small area is very budget friendly. Red or black doors are still classic, but think outside the box! Orange for a bright colored door or navy blue for something more understated gives you a nice upgrade and a fresh look.

Add some new plants. They can either be planted in your beds or put in an assortment of containers. The upside of containers is that you can rearrange those anytime you like, plus the pottery itself is décor. Plants that you put in the ground are a longer commitment, but it is fun to watch them grow. Knockout roses are a great option because they add a lot of color, grow well in a lot of conditions, and are generally resilient. Some new lighting to show off your landscaping and fancy front door is an excellent upgrade you don’t have to spend a fortune on. Solar powered accent lighting is a favorite of ours because you don’t need to worry about the power source.

Making minor changes with a good plan in mind can refresh your home’s design inside and out without breaking the bank. When the time comes to dive into the big design changes Debowsky Design is here to help. If you’re ready to get into it, give us a call.