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7 Great Splurges and Saves for Your Living Room

One of the insider tips to great interior design & décor is choosing the right elements to allocate the bulk of the budget toward, and being creative with ways to save on other elements without sacrificing style. And the truth is that every property is different; you have to tailor this process to your likes and how you want to live. When everything comes together no one but you will know where you let your budget lead because the total look is more important than each individual piece. 

This being said, here are a few insights we’ve gleaned over the years. 

Worth the Splurge on Interior Design & Décor: Eye Catching Statement Pieces

The first thing everyone looks at when they enter the room is the natural place to splurge. 

For example: a sofa is likely the largest piece of furniture in your living room and it commonly makes sense as the centerpiece, and thus splurging on. But, if the furniture is arranged so that the back of the sofa is facing the entry, and there are floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the ocean beyond it, everyone’s eyes will be looking up when they enter. That chandelier you’ve had your eye on is the best bet to splurge on. 

In that scenario, still choose a sofa that is the aesthetic you want for your space. Equally importantly, make sure the sofa you get is high-quality, and comfortable. No matter how great it looks you won’t love it if it isn’t cozy. The right sofa can last many years. Choose something that has durable upholstery, and solid construction. Check out some of our favorite furniture stores that work for any budget for ideas. 

Investing in art can be a showstopper – again, depending on the room. Choosing one statement art piece to spend a chunk of your décor budget on can create great visual impact. There’s something special about having something so unique in your space that you just can’t beat. 

That being said, if you are not passionate about art and are more looking to ensure your walls don’t seem drab, you can pick up some great pieces at Beaux Arts at a fraction of the price. For many this is a more realistic budget for art. 

One item that is almost always worth the splurge is lighting fixtures. There is a big gap in both quality and design between inexpensive options and those that require a bit of a splurge. A unique chandelier or a designer set of floor lamps can transform a room. Well designed lighting sets the mood, adds a bit of luxury, and creates focal points in your living room. We really only encounter options to save on lighting fixtures with new construction and we are able to orient the home to maximize natural light throughout the day, but we still commonly find that lighting fixtures make a noticeable difference. 

Rugs can be a great place to splurge – finding something that feels great under bare feet and will outlast everything else in the home can make a room iconic and be the thing your kids remember most about the room decades later. At the same time, however, with modern textile manufacturing techniques, you can go the other way and have seasonal rugs you swap out regularly as well – and it still will tie the room together. 

Where to Save on Interior Design & Décor

Unless a piece is calling your name, there’s no essential reason to break the bank on accent pieces. Items like side tables, occasional chairs, and pottery don’t need to hold the room together as the focal point does. Stylish, budget friendly options will compliment your splurges without drawing too much attention to themselves. If you like to include vintage pieces this is a great way to incorporate your discoveries. Especially when it comes to chairs. There are some great shapes that aren’t designed for comfy lounging, but look fantastic.

Accessories should be budget friendly. Things like decorative pillows, throw blankets, and small shelf-sitting décor items should be changed out with the seasons, so you don’t want items that require insurance riders and annual appraisals. Making sure that you get a good mix of colors and textures will elevate inexpensive items to fit right in with your statement pieces. These are also the best items to start with if you tend to get the itch to change up your design regularly.

Be strategic with your budget and splurge on the items that will be the most visible as well as the most often used. The key here is balance. Save on the details so you can splurge on the pieces that helped you create your vision for the ideal home in the first place. Bringing your vision to life and creating the space you’ve been dreaming of is what we do. Give us a call.