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A Look at Our Recent Projects in Pinecrest

Miami has the luxury of so many beautiful neighborhoods each with their own unique moods. We are proud to have had the opportunity to work on projects in many of them and wanted to take a moment to showcase a couple of our recent projects. 

Renovation Plus New Construction

This kitchen renovation + new guest wing was a pleasure to work on. Our client came to us looking for the kitchen of their dreams while also creating some additional space. 

Based on how they live, we designed a kitchen that offered them more versatility. The island needed to be the focal point but also functional, so we made it fill the room but also ensured it had an extra deep sink as well as a cooktop. The other side of the island has space for counter seating so everyone can congregate in the kitchen without getting in the way of the chef. 

The kitchen table can seat six and the bar can accommodate as many as six more, so this space is perfect for large dinner parties that always gravitate to the kitchen. 

Because everyone’s mood improves with natural light, we added a new bay window to make the room more soothing. The appliances have been upgraded, with double ovens so that cooking for a crowd is no problem. A true oasis for a home chef! The cabinets are finished in a warm, yet light wood. 

There’s an old saying that houseguests are a lot like fish: they start to stink after two or three days. That being said, this project included the new construction of a guest wing with the goal to create an area for guests that would give them plenty of comfort during their stay while also prioritizing their privacy. The intention was for everyone to have their own space so our clients never felt that they were always on top of their guests. This led to also redesigning the family room and living room to best utilize the space. 

They can now host their friends and family in style for however long they stay in comfort. 

Outdoor Entertainment Oasis

The easiest way to increase the living space at your home in Miami is to build some in your backyard, which is why exterior renovations are just as popular as interior jobs here. It’s very easy to double your livable space by designing a yard you would use regularly. And that’s exactly what we did for this client – they already had a pool and tennis court that they used, but they wanted to make it even more of an entertainment oasis for their family and friends. We left what already worked and filled in the large expanse of open space that was just filled with grass to be mowed with features they would use regularly. 

We extended their patio deck past the pool to create a bigger ‘outdoor living room’ that they would be ok walking around barefoot. This area included landscaping and hardscaping as well as a selection of new materials for the pool and patio decks. We added two pergolas – one provides cover for a jacuzzi bath while the other protects a new, large, fully-equipped outdoor kitchen. Lounge chairs and a court-side fire pit make a welcoming entertainment area. Extensive landscaping that is visually appealing while not being high maintenance was added to the backyard to complete the project.

What’s Next For Pinecrest Homes?

You tell us – we’re ready to take on your project next. Whether you’re planning new construction, interior renovation, exterior upgrades, or a combination of all three Debowsky Design Group is here for it. Let us start your new project.