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How to Strategize Your Condo Renovation in Miami as a Snowbird

Doing renovations while you’re living in the space being renovated is well, less than ideal. If you’re a Snowbird though, you have the perfect opportunity to have it taken care of before you head south for the winter.

The trouble is managing a renovation from afar.

Timing is Everything in a Renovation

We don’t have to tell you about timing – you’re already the experts there. Avoiding bitter cold winters by getting to Miami in the fall? Genius. 

There’s no time like the summer to get your renovations here in Miami done so you get to come home to a fresh, new space in the fall. Depending on your specific project this is completely doable if it’s planned in advance. Lead times on some materials are still longer than they used to be. Renovation timelines are also still a bit longer than they were a few years ago. Starting early is the only way to go!

Sitting down with your design team as soon as possible is the best plan. We can work through the projected timelines with you. Depending on the scope of the work you’re planning we can help you decide if you want to tackle it all at once or plan it out over two off-seasons.

Work with a Proven Team

There are a lot of details to consider when doing renovations in a condo. Every condo has its own set of restrictions and logistical constraints. Working with professionals who navigate these in Miami daily is a game changer. Especially when you’ll be 1000 miles north while the renovation is taking place. 

The most important thing when you’re renovating from afar is to find a proven design team you trust to act as an owner’s representative – to manage the job site day in and day out, making sure the job is getting done to your standards. 

We recognize that it takes a lot of trust to head north knowing that your renovation will happen while you’re away. Working with us means you can rely on clear and consistent communication. This is not something we take lightly, nor is it out of the ordinary for our team. Staying in contact and keeping our clients in the loop is something we do whether you’re just down the street or several states away. It’s just part of the gig for us, and we make client communication a priority. Let’s meet! No time like the present to discuss your project and look at the best timeline to meet your needs.