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You Deserve a Little Luxury in Your Home Design

What do you think of when we say “luxury?” If your reaction was that luxury is just seeing $$$$ or that it’s extravagance, this article is for you. You do deserve to find some places to add a little luxury to your home’s design and we can help you work it into your budget.

Life Upgrades, Luxury Upgrades

Lifestyle creep is very real, and most successful professionals are constantly on the lookout for it. And while we appreciate that mindset (and strive for it ourselves), it doesn’t mean you need to live a Spartan lifestyle. 

There are little adjustments you can make in your home that pack a massive punch — upgraded light fixtures so often get overlooked, but they can change a space more than most people can imagine.

Upgraded textiles is another small, but significant way to feel like you’ve created a luxury space. The plushest rug and overstuffed club chairs over simpler accent chairs can completely change a space without breaking the bank.

Where to Save, Where to Splurge

We’re not saying just spend more for the sake of spending more. The idea is to add some luxury in the places you’ll appreciate it most. One of the best tricks is adding luxury to your design without busting your budget by finding other places to save some money without sacrificing form or function. 

A common example: if you’re building a fire pit in your back yard, there are options that are $4,000 and similar ones for $400. Is that $3,600 going to make a difference in your quality of life?

That difference to go from a KitchenAid to a La Cornue range can seem like a luxury, but it will change your daily experience cooking. 

At the end of the day, look at the spaces in your home where you spend the most time and the places you hate spending time but you have to: this is where you want to ante up on luxury details. If you don’t spend much time in the kitchen there’s no reason to go big there. On the other hand, if you love to cook let’s go all in on the La Cornue range instead of opting for a Café. Let’s get you the top-of-the-line countertops and those soft close cabinets with built in lighting we know you’ve had your eye on. If you’re having a hard time seeing the best places to add some luxury, we can help. Working with an experienced design team gives you the benefit of our experience! Let’s sit down and talk about what your dream home will look like. We’re ready to go!