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Is the Samsung Frame TV Worth It?

What is the Samsung Frame TV?

Samsung’s The Frame TV is a 4K QLED television that functions like most other TVs. You can stream your favorite tv shows and movies, it comes included with a no gap wall mount and swappable picture frame. The claim to fame, if you will, comes from The Frame’s ability to showcase all kinds of art with its no-glare display. If you don’t like the look of your TV in your living or family room, you can have the screen display beautiful works of art to match your aesthetic. 

The TV comes with:

  • HDMI ports x 4
  • Optical Digital Audio Out x 1
  • Cat 5 Ethernet Port x 1
  • Coax input x 1
  • USB input x 3
  • Ex-link x 1
Pros of Samsung’s The Frame TV

Easy setup

The Frame is fairly easy to install as it comes with a height-adjustable stand. If you want it to really look like a framed painting and not just a TV, then you’ll have to mount it on a wall.

Great visual display

The Frame is able to display your artwork with no-glare because it uses a brightness sensor to adjust screen brightness depending on the lighting in your room. This helps keep the colors of whatever artwork you select consistent throughout the day (when you’re not using it as a TV).

Makes the most of the artwork

If you’re concerned about your selected artwork being burned into your TV’s screen, don’t worry. The Frame comes with LED Quantum Dot technology, which means no artwork you choose will be burned into the screen. That means you not only get a great TV, you can really spruce up your space with some classy art.

How much does The Frame cost?

The Frame is a great TV but it can run you some money. The 43in frame would cost you $999 from Samsung directly while the 65in is priced at $1,999. There are however various deals and mark offs so keep an eye out for any ways to take off a few dollars when buying. You can also swap out the picture frame included with the TV, but this will be an additional cost dependent on what you decide to go with.

Is the Samsung Frame TV worth it?

Samsung’s The Frame TV does everything it says on the box. If you’re an art lover and want to add some artistic spice to your room or space, then the Frame TV is absolutely worth your trouble, especially if you can find it at a discount. 

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