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Renovating a Miami Home: A Look at a Customized Home In Pinecrest

What does renovating a home look like? The honest to God, truth of the matter. What happens before the “after” picture?

While, we can show you the beloved after pictures and tell you all about our design process (don’t tempt us. We’ll start the slideshow and hours later we’ll still be going…), sometimes it’s best to hear it directly from someone who has gone through it all.

We sat down with one of our clients, the Sosa family, after they completed their recent home renovation in order to share with you all the details of their own home renovation experience.

But first, let’s set the scene:

Living in their home for 15 years, the Sosa family had never embarked on any large-scale renovations before. They were “green” to the whole process – but they did have a few key areas and goals in mind before they met with our team. The outdoor pool area, which was one of the major reasons they bought the house in the first place, had become outdated and non-functional for their family and was therefore rarely used. The bathrooms were outdated and the kitchen had seen better days. They knew they still had several years living in their house (which they otherwise loved) and decided it was time to fix it up. 

The caveat? They were only willing to jump headfirst into a project of this scope it if they had someone to guide them through the process since they didn’t have any experience for taking on such a big project.

In their new space they wanted a more modern and refreshed appearance, but – equally important – they wanted the spaces to be functional, inviting and open. Upgrading the outdoor pool area was incredibly important to them because it had a ton of potential and space but it was squandered by the outdated appearance. 

So, we got to work… and the result was absolutely thrilling.

Here’s what the Drs. Sosa had to say.

Tell us the truth…Were there obstacles?

“WOW – there were so many!!!  It is not easy to deal with contractors, distributors, warehouses, etc… There is no way we could have coordinated all of the people necessary to undertake such a massive remodel without the assistance of the Deboswky Design Group crew. Having an old, previously updated house made the remodel even more difficult because we “found” new things at every turn which were unexpected. The knowledge and experience from the design crew helped us to sail through the “rough patches” with great comfort that it would all be okay in the end.”

What were you looking for in your new space?

“We obviously wanted a more modern and refreshed appearance – but – equally importantly – we wanted the spaces to be functional, inviting and open.  Especially the outdoor pool area was an area that had a great deal of potential – but was squandered by the outdated appearance.  Now it has become a commonly used area by all members of the house.  Plus, everyone really loves their new and improved bathrooms.” 

Looking back, did anything surprise you about the experience?

“I was pleasantly surprised by the loyalty shown by the Debowsky team over the many, many months to achieving a final result that reflected our desires for the spaces. I’m not sure that most companies would have stuck with us and continued to be so intimately involved throughout the entire process. We truly do appreciate the dedication and the level of investment shown by the design team.”

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