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Be Bold: How to Use Unique Design Choices In Your Home

Where to incorporate bold choices

Your home is a reflection of who you are.

You’re not average by any means. You’re unique, unparalleled, bold and vibrant. You’re multifaceted and complex. You are by no means, “basic.”

And neither should your home be.

We’re here to encourage you to, well, “do you” when it comes to your home design. Your home should be as indelible, memorable and singular as you, your family and the experiences you’ve had along this road of life.

Which also is to say – don’t fall into the “basic style” trap. To help you avoid the dreaded “been there, seen that” situation of home design – we’ve pulled a few key tips for you to consider when upgrading your new space.

Identify what drives you

Maybe you already know that your design style is definitively minimalist. Or maybe you go for more of that mid-century modern look.  Or maybe you’re a chic traditionalist. It’s great to have a desired aesthetic in mind but the world of design is full of possibilities and surprises. Maybe there’s a new style for you that you haven’t thought of yet. Maybe there’s a way to incorporate elements of other styles into your current scheme.

When it comes to your home – we always like to ask our clients to start looking at homes and designs that catch their eye. Odds are, after a few hundred picture saves (or thousand if you’re anything like us), you’ll start to see trend lines. Colors will start to pop out at you, textures, prints, furniture lines and cabinet styles. Not to mention, lighting.

One thing that is always surprising, is to see little details start to crop up over and over again. Most times, we’ve seen these details as items that stir memories or illicit emotions that our clients have experienced over the course of their lives. A mural that reminds them of that study abroad in Spain, a ceramic tile that reminds them of their parent’s home in Arizona.

The Bold and The Beautiful

There are so many directions you can take your design once you open yourself to designing a space that is a true reflection of, not only your personality but also what kind of emotion you want to experience when you are in a given space.

We love incorporating color as a way to boldly go where you haven’t gone before. While this isn’t the final frontier – it is a good place to start. Whether it’s painting the library or den a deep, moody navy or pulling in bright yellow tile as the backsplash in your kitchen – color can make a world of difference in how you react to a space, how you engage with it.

Go Big, And Then Dial it Back

When it comes to fun design, we like it bold. But, we also like it cohesive. Proportion, scale, function, form and a holistic view of the big picture are all key elements in making bold design choices. When making strong design choices it’s easy to go overboard. It has been known to happen.  Less is more when it comes to vibrant colors, textures and décor.

If you’re looking to make a statement, we’ve got your back. You want a team of professionals who listen to you, understand your vision, but also has the skills and experience to lend you their expertise.

At Debowsky Design Group, we work hand-in-hand with you to apply creative and technical solutions that will coalesce with your unique style. Ready to create a space that is unequivocally, exclusively uniquely you?

We’re ready.