…a house is not a home until you love where you live…

Renovating an Already Renovated Home: Letting Go of Preconceptions & Making it Yours

You just bought a home, or maybe you’ve been living there for a few years and it’s lovely, it’s renovated, it’s well-designed… It’s just not YOU.

Maybe you’re feeling guilty for feeling this way about a beautiful home. Maybe it feels too ostentatious to renovate an already renovated home. But you can’t help feeling the way you do and this is your home –  it should reflect your values and aesthetics 110%. 

Make it yours.

It’s all right to want to change your home to fit you and your family. This is probably the largest investment you will ever make, don’t you think your home should have your whole heart?

If you love your home but you’re not in love with it, we want to help you feel more comfortable, content and excited about where you live.

True story. A new client of ours just purchased a home that we actually renovated for the previous owner. Guess what? The new owner (our client) wants to change it again! We’re all about it. Even though we loved the final result with the previous renovation, we know that your house is not a home until you love where you live. We always stand by our work and give our all to meet our clients’ vision, but we know that design is like ice cream flavors – there’s the right fit for everyone.

Let it go

It all starts with letting go of the design you moved into and letting your imagination create the home of your dreams.

Often, there can be this initial threshold of guilt or too-muchness that we have to cross before we can realize that our home is worth renovating to fit our ideals and lifestyle. Then we might also have to cross another threshold to realize that we, and our families, are worth the work and investment too. You have to make it yours.

Hold on

Life is short. Happiness is hard-earned. Your home is your haven. Unless you’re a Buddhist monk practicing non-attachment, you need to hold on to something. We all need comfort, security, beauty, and when it’s possible it’s also great to have a little luxury and gorgeous design. Your home should be the place that you feel most at peace.

Create a home that you can hold onto. Create a home that holds onto you.

We can help you make your house a home. We can help you make it yours.