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Should We Stay or Should We Go Now?

4 Ways to Decide Whether to Remodel Your Home or Relocate

No matter how much you declutter and rearrange, every inch of your house is maxed out. One thing is for sure: You need more room. Is it time to move or improve?

Here at Debowsky Design Group, we understand this is a difficult decision. You may love your home, the neighborhood, the view from your kitchen window, and the memories it holds. But the very thought of a new home with your ultimate kitchen and master suite and more space for family and friends is exciting, isn’t it?

How can you possibly decide? Here. Maybe this will help:

  • Determine whether an addition is possible. Our team is experienced with your neighborhood’s zoning requirements as well as your home’s capacity for improvements. Let us perform a property survey to make sure your plans will pass permitting. If not, let’s get started on your new house design.
  • Money matters. What is the average return on investment for the renovations you’re considering? Are you at risk of over-improving your home compared with others in your neighborhood? We know Miami neighborhoods like no one else: we live here, build here, and remodel homes and businesses here. So, these are answers we can provide to make your ultimate decision easier.
  • Love it or leave it. Your home is pretty much perfect, from its stellar location to the oversized marble kitchen island that’s seen its share of holiday parties. It only needs one – possibly two – more bedrooms and another bath. Even if you’d be listing in a seller’s market, it’s important to determine whether you can afford the replacement home that will fulfill everything on your wish list, including that in-demand neighborhood.
  • Do you have the patience for a renovation? We design and plan remodel projects to proceed as smoothly as possible, but there will still be moments where you’re living in a construction zone and won’t be able to stand one more day of dust, noise, and lack of privacy. If that scenario isn’t worth the extra space, let’s talk about a new build.

Whether we’re transforming your current property into the home you’ve always wanted or starting fresh somewhere else, you can count on Debowsky Design Group to provide the best advice, service, and skills in South Florida. We know this is a tough decision for you, but we’ll do everything we can to make it a bit simpler with real talk about affordable, aspirational design.

And if you think you might be ready to build your dream home, we’ve compiled a useful list of things to consider first, based on our clients’ experiences and decades in the architecture and design industry. Check it out.