…a house is not a home until you love where you live…

The Best Time to Start a Design Project that is Nagging You

We often hear our clients telling us that they had wanted to start a renovation project for years and years but just never felt like the time was right. 

Home renovation projects are often put to the wayside for far too long because we, as homeowners, are intimidated by the scope of the project. From the budget to the permitting, the design selection to construction process – it can be overwhelming to think about. 

And yet. 

When we leave a space in our homes that is bothering us untouched, we start to develop angst and anxiety.

Life is too short for that. And good design is always within reach, no matter your budget. 

We never want clients, friends, and even frenemies to prevent themselves from enjoying their house. Our homes are our havens, our respites after long days. Feeling at odds within that space can have an impact on our mental health. 

And yes, while undertaking a renovation project can be tedious and stressful, we’ve found over the years that for most people the hardest part of a project tends to be starting it.

Identify Your Pain Points and Start There

In talking to a client recently, we found that they had been so bothered by the state of their owner’s bathroom that they avoided the room as often as possible, even going as far as brushing their teeth in the guest bathroom. 

We never want that for anyone. Consider your home. If there are spaces or rooms you avoid – then maybe it’s time to do an upgrade. Start with a list of the spaces that you want to enjoy but don’t. That’s where we know where to begin. If it’s nagging you, then it’s time to start that project. 

Take Note That Renovation Timelines Are Still Being Impacted

While the cost of a renovation project can be a large undertaking, one of the main items that catches people off guard is the timeline. In a post-covid world, those timelines have been pushed to the brink a few times over. Not due to any one particular issue but rather a few key ones – including supply-chain disruptions, key vendors suffering staff shortages, and an abundance of demand. 

If you are wavering about when to start your project, we can say with utmost certainty – it’s best to start now. Even though the supply-chain issue is starting to right itself, we will still feel the ripple effects for some time. So, that pool you wanted for this summer – has a minimum 12-month lead time. Those windows you wanted? Nine months and counting.  

The good news about these delays is that you can use that time to plan, save, and consider any potential changes to your original design before you even break ground (which, could save you TONS of money). 

At the end of the day, you should always be 100% proud of the home that you live in. Take the time to think about what matters most to you about your space and call us if you need help envisioning which direction to go as far as design or how to improve your space on a budget. We’re here to help you navigate every step of the home improvement process.