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The Functionality of Your Kitchen

How’s your kitchen? If you immediately thought of a thing or two that you wish was more functional, chances are your kitchen could use an update. And while that thought might be intimidating, don’t worry – there are often small updates you can make that will significantly improve the functionality of your kitchen – you just have to tailor your kitchen to how you want to use it. 

Modern Kitchens as Multi-Purpose Spaces

There was a time – not too long ago in fact –  when kitchens were stashed behind doors and were designed to be disconnected from the rest of the house. Modern Miami kitchens are much more open and airy. Being more integrated with other living areas had the side-effect of making kitchens into more multi-purpose spaces. It expanded to include casual dining spaces which became a central place for homework and projects. 

Your kitchen being a hub of your family’s activity is pretty great, but if it means you’re tripping over backpacks while making dinner it’s time to make the space more intentional. An oversized island with bar seating gives you space for a breakfast area that can also be used for homework in the evenings. Add a few hooks and those backpacks have a place to stay out from underfoot. As a bonus, they’re right there the next morning at breakfast time.

A smaller update to achieve a similar result: improved storage. Creating better storage options in your garage to act as your butler’s pantry opens up storage in the kitchen for school supplies, so the kids can have access to what they need when they work at the kitchen table (and it’s easy to put away when they’re done). 

Make Space for New Kitchen Gadgets

Look around your kitchen. You probably see gadgets that you use, but don’t have permanent space for on your countertop. Kitchens even ten years ago weren’t designed to accommodate all the different cooking gadgets we use regularly. Mixers, slow cookers, air fryers, instant pots, toaster ovens… did we miss one that you use all the time?  

A kitchen redesign that creates dedicated space for the small appliances you use daily makes the whole space more functional. This can include pull-out drawers (with electricity) for your toaster so you can open the drawer, slide the toaster out to use, then slide it back in when you’re done without having to pick it up. You end up with the same utility as having it live on the counter but you get to keep the counter space open. 

If you’re redoing your garage to be a partial butler’s pantry, you can add counter space for the appliances you use now and then, thereby freeing up valuable counter space without crowding your cabinets.

Of course, the way you use your kitchen is the most important factor to consider when it comes to functionality. A home chef who loves to entertain and whip up quick weeknight dinners for the kids will have different needs than empty nesters who use their newfound freedom for extra date nights. In the end, every aspect of your home needs to work for you.

What do you need from your kitchen? Contact us, and we can sit down and design a the perfect kitchen together.