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Create Kids’ Spaces For Your Family to Grow On

It’s tempting to cater a new design to the season you’re in right now – especially when it comes to being mindful of kids’ spaces in your home. It’s a different kind of lifestyle creep, but still one you’ll thank us for helping you avoid. Sure, low countertops and scaled down spaces seem cute and fun, but the reality is that they’ll only be functional for a precious few years. The art of designing for kids is to create spaces that work for them now while being ready to evolve with them as they grow into new needs and wants. From playrooms to shared bedrooms and dedicated homework zones, let’s dive into the world of family-friendly design.

Entertainment Areas for the Whole Family

Playrooms aren’t just for kids—they’re for the young at heart. Little kids need plenty of open space for imaginative play, and let’s face it…a ton of toys. But instead of looking an area as a playroom, focus it on being your entertainment area. Making it inviting to older kids and adults is a great way get the most use out of the space and encourage family bonding time. 

Choose furniture that is comfortable for adults, but modular enough to be shifted around easily whether you want to get it our of the way or use it for blanket fort construction. There’s no such thing as too much storage, so if you can incorporate hidden storage (perhaps in ottomans and coffee tables). Chalkboard paint allows you to create fun and interactive décor that is easy to change how it’s used once your toddlers become tweens. 

As kids get older you’ll be able to add some the right furniture to serve as homework stations. They’ll be able to use that same chalk wall to write out their schedules for school and activities – and you can use them for chore reminders. 

Making the Most of Shared Spaces

Shared spaces for siblings are where bonds are tested (and strengthened). The trick is to make the most of these shared spaces and ensure that everyone gets something of their own. 

Let them have their rooms to be their space to retreat to – but make sure any shared space has a dedicated personal touches that are functional. Just as it’s important for spouses to agree on how to design their home, siblings (and parents too) need to come together to form a consensus. Creating a place for each family member to do what they enjoy without annoying everyone else will improve everyone’s quality of life. Sometimes this is soundproofing rooms for the aspiring jazz musician to go all out but still having the Playstation setup for their sibling (which has the added benefit of ensuring the rest of the family doesn’t know more than they want to about Call of Duty). 

Designing kids’ spaces is not just about the present; it’s an investment in the future. By creating rooms that accommodate various interests, shared spaces that foster sibling bonds, and homework zones that instill a sense of discipline, you’re crafting a home that evolves alongside your family. These spaces become not only the backdrop for daily activities but also the nurturing grounds for memories and growth. We love creating fun, family spaces – reach out, let’s talk about yours.