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Level Up with Lighting

Lighting is a necessity in your home, but that doesn’t mean you need to keep it strictly utilitarian. In fact, great lighting is one of the simplest ways to level up the design in every room. It’s not just about the fixtures either – it’s  about creating an atmosphere. Layer your lighting – a combination of ambient, task, and general lighting gives you the ability to tailor a room’s lighting for different purposes. You wouldn’t want the same lighting for a movie night and a family game night. Layered lighting gives you enough flexibility to create the right atmosphere for both with just a few adjustments. Here’s where to start leveling up your home’s design with lighting:

Choosing the Right Bulbs

It’s hard to overstate how much you can change the look of your lighting and fixtures just by changing the bulbs. The right bulbs make all the difference. Which bulbs you choose dictate the color, tone, and brightness of your lighting. 

Task lighting – such as a lamp on your desk, or a reading light by your favorite chair – should be fairly bright and a neutral tone. When you have task lighting added to the right places it gives you the freedom to tone down the brightness of your general lighting. We recommend general lighting, which typically comes from overhead fixtures, be medium brightness and a neutral in both tone and color. 

Ambient lighting could be small accent lamps on a mantle or bookshelf, or lighting directed to highlight artwork. Wall sconces are another good example of ambient lighting. The color, tone, and brightness of ambient lighting depends on it’s purpose. Wall sconces with warm, low lighting gives your space a cozy feel. Lighting designed to illuminate art should be brighter, and neutral.

While there has been a trend of going back to incandescent bulbs recently, it is not necessarily the right move – especially for every room. While we are not fans of CFLs, LED bulbs have a lot going for them, especially their ability to adjust lighting with smart bulbs. You can adjust the color, tone, and brightness of each bulb as well as controlling your lights remotely from your cell phone. They also give you the ability to turn lights on and off and make adjustments with voice control through a secondary device such as Amazon’s Alexa.

Spring for the Statement Fixture

There are times when “less is more” is a successful design mantra. Lighting fixtures is not one of those times. A statement light fixture can take a room from well-done to WOW. Dining areas have traditionally been a place where we see the most unique light fixtures, and that’s a valid choice, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box. 

A dramatic light fixture in your master bath is unexpected in the best way, giving the space a luxurious feel and look. Choosing a statement fixture for your kitchen is another great way to enjoy lighting that doubles as art – and one your guests will have a chance to appreciate as well.If you’re ready to level up your home’s design, we’re here to help. Whether it’s a new lighting scheme or a whole home renovation reach out to the team at Debowsky Design Group, we’re ready to make your vision a reality.