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What is Approachable Luxury in Architecture?

In short, it’s luxury within reach. It’s about finding ways to have luxurious spaces as part of your real life, and your real budget. Beyond that, approachable luxury is the concept of high-end design that still feels welcoming and homey. Most of us don’t want to live in spaces that look more like museums, but the hint of that drama is appealing.

Find Your Comfort Zone

Create a welcoming space that also gives you a feeling of sophistication and luxury while keeping costs manageable.  An open plan with bright spaces is not considerably more costly, but when it’s done right it gives a space the feeling of luxury. High ceilings, large windows, and a lot of natural light are a great way to accomplish a high-end aesthetic in any space. 

Adding crown molding is another simple way of giving your space some architectural interest and luxury. If you’re doing a renovation and don’t have high ceilings, it can give the visual appearance of more vertical space. Elements like this that look unmistakably high-end without feeling ostentatious are the epitome of approachable luxury. 

Focus on Quality

Excellent quality in design and furnishings alike automatically makes them luxurious. A cozy, overstuffed sofa that makes you want to curl up with a book or a movie is as approachable as it gets. If that same piece is also top quality, it’s the perfect example of mixing comfort with luxury. The same is true for architectural elements. 

High-quality materials, top-notch craftsmanship, and thoughtful detailing that prioritizes functionality and practicality is the combination that achieves approachable luxury. This concept works equally well for residential designs, public spaces, commercial buildings, and office buildings. It is a sense of luxury deeper surface level, that considers the overall experience, comfort, and usability of the space.

The best hotel lobbies achieve approachable luxury. The scope of the space is impressive, yet the vignettes of furniture create inviting conversations spaces. The lighting makes the large space feel comfortable while the scope achieves opulence.

Approachable luxury in architecture is both art and science. Achieving it requires experience, the kind of experience you get with Debowsky Design Group. When it’s time to start work on your project, we’re here to help.