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Building New? Go From Ideation to Fully Furnished Home and Make the Most of Your Budget

Building a new home from the ground up is an exciting project! It is also a big job and it can be difficult to think through all the stages. You don’t have to do it on your own. Having a team of professionals working with you 

Kick Your Project Off Right

Lots of planning in the early stages of a new build is the best way to have a successful build while staying on budget. Make a list of your goals for your new home. Differentiate your needs/requirements from your wants. Clearly setting out your priorities on paper helps you keep your own ideas organized, will help your design, and will enable us to prioritize line items as your project moves forward. It’s also important to establish your budget. Don’t forget to include design costs, permits, and furnishings in addition to construction costs. 

Hire your designer and general contractor as early in the process as is feasible. Including your GC in the design phase helps avoid time consuming bottlenecks and often reduces the need to make costly changes due to logistics. As plans get finalized it’s time to start the process of getting permits. It is important to get permits approved right away to avoid delays that will eat into your budget. Who handles this depends on your team, but having either an owner’s rep or a permit runner on board is a great way to keep everything moving smoothly.

From Paper to Reality

Now that your permit approvals are in hand it’s time for the construction team to start the process of bringing designs into reality. Once physical work starts staying on budget means staying on schedule. Time is money. As your build team hits certain milestones your home will need to pass professional inspections. Plumbing and electrical systems, for example, require the approval of an inspector prior to moving forward. Scheduling these inspections and meeting the deadlines to pass them is an important part of staying on schedule. 

Once your new build looks like a whole house & has passed final inspections it’s time for the interior designer to take over. At Debowsky Design Group we’re a dual threat design team – we can handle all the architectural design and oversight as well as the interior. We can help you with choosing fixtures, materials, and finishes as well as planning room layouts. Built-ins like cabinetry will go in at this point and all the interior finishes like paint and window treatments start to come together. 

Every project, and every budget, is unique. This is a general idea of what to expect for a new home build, but the details of your build will be different. Working with a team of professionals makes the process go smoothly from start to finish. Debowsky Design Group is ready to start your project. Give us a call.