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A Look at One of Our Latest Projects: A Luxe Condo Renovation

Creating amazing designs for private residences is a lot like painting a masterpiece without displaying it. If we didn’t share with you some of the images, you’d never know it was there.

One of our most recent projects that we are incredibly proud of is a private condo residence on the beach that was a bit outdated and in need of a tailored upgrade with a lot of personality. For this bright condo renovation, there are so many cool design elements that still inspire us long after our clients have already moved in.

Take a Peek Inside This Renovated Miami Beach Condo

Miami is all about enjoying the paradise we live in. One of our favorite ways to celebrate that is to bring the outside in, through highlighting the natural elements and lighting outside. With the large floor-to-ceiling windows in the main living area, it was a given that we could bring in the natural elements of the area a bit further by accentuating it with high-gloss surfaces, including this ceiling. 

The cool thing to note here, is we actually placed an entirely new full-panel ceiling that offers an uninterrupted line of sight to the ocean outside and allowed us to bring in recessed lighting without getting in the way of the unit above an condo restrictions.  

High gloss surfaces reflect the priceless view of sea and sky from the wrap around windows. This design centers on a neutral color palette, grounded with natural wood tones that are tied throughout the space, and reflections. We love that the mood of this space changes along with the weather. 

The best designs use every square inch without sacrificing style or functionality. We worked with our clients to maximize space, while modernizing it to fit their needs.  

The bathrooms were incredibly outdated and needed an upgrade that stayed within the floorplan but allowed for a more modern look that focused on functionality. Sleek design elements coupled with rich wood tones, allows the space to feel warm and welcoming while also clean and modern. 

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