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The Renovation Flowchart: What You Need to Know about the Feasibility and Inspection Stage

Renovations start off with big ideas – as they should. Time is the most scarce resource any of us have, and you shouldn’t be spending a second more than you need to in a home that is less-than-perfect for how you want to live.

This being said: when we start a new project, we always have to stake a step back to make sure we are starting on the right foot. That means that we first want to look at the feasibility of the project’s scope and do a thorough inspection of the property. It’s half creative/half practical, and 100% essential to get perfect.

Merging Raw Ideas and Reality in a Residential Construction Project

Before we dive into imagining new wings to your home into existence, we always make sure the details are correct – that we know the easements, the details that your municipality won’t allow you to change, et cetera. The worst possible outcome – after designing the home of your dreams – is to come across a tiny detail that derails the entire project.

What does this mean?  To move on to the next stage of your renovation, it’s important to have a thorough inspection of your property. We’ll gather surveys and any other materials needed to be certain there won’t be any surprises to cause delays further on in the process.

This includes things like knowing what things might need to be brought up to code before permits can be issued as well as identifying any repairs that will need to be made to the existing structure.

Is it the most glamourous part of renovation? No, that’s why most of this stage happens during a commercial break on home renovation TV shows! It is an integral part of a successful renovation project though. Our goal is to do it as efficiently as possible so we can design the perfect place for you to spend your time for years to come.

Setting Budgets on Residential Construction Projects in Miami

The other key component of this initial stage of renovation is getting a solid grasp on the budget we are working with. The unfortunate reality is things always cost more than it seems they should (ask anyone that tried to knock down a wall and level the floor in those two rooms what the final tab was), but when your architect (ahem, hi!) does their job correctly early on you can get almost exactly what you want within your budget.

The trick is to work with an experienced team from the get-go to design a feasible project that determines well before the permit run where to splurge and where to save. And the earlier we start talking, the better.

Legwork and Paperwork

While we sit down with you to go over the scope of your project to the last detail, we also make sure our i’s are dotted and our t’s are crossed. If we identify an aspect of your project that simply won’t work, we’ll work with you to adjust the original idea to get you where you want to be and pencils in correctly.

If you have questions about the process or are ready to get your ideas turned into realities give us a call! We’re excited to get started!