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The Renovation Flowchart: What You Need to Know about Schematic Stage

On home renovation TV shows, designers typically go from meeting the homeowner (the Feasibility & Inspection phase of a renovation) into an extended montage of working on the vision for their space (the Schematic stage!), then cut to some B-roll of construction, and voila! Your new home is move-in ready with gorgeous before-and-afters. 

The reason they edit the shows to focus on the design stage is because envisioning a space is the most enjoyable part (besides living in your stunning new home for years to come). 

Here’s the truth of what goes into creating that design or, as we call it, the Schematic Stage of your renovation.

Turn Visions into Plans

This is the part where we get to sit down together and dream up your ideal home. Whether we’re building something new from the ground up or creating your dream chef’s kitchen plus a Spa-like bathroom for your primary suite, this is the time to go over all your goals for your project so that we can create plans to bring your visions to life. Our goal is to have open communication with our clients throughout the entire process, and during this stage we are literally working side-by-side. We want to hear all your ideas. We’ll listen, envision and create designs schemas to bring it all to life.  

Give Ideas, Get Ideas

Your renovation is truly a collaboration between you and your architectural design team. You know what’s on your need and want lists, and we want to help you find ways to get everything on both. 

We will bring our expertise and experience to the conversation as well. Oftentimes, we can see which walls can be moved easily, where we can open space, or lift ceilings, add windows for more natural light and more. 

This is what we do, every day, and we love it. Working with you to create a space that you get to enjoy for the rest of your life. Well, to quote Mastercard, it’s priceless. 

If you have questions about designing your ideal home, get in touch with our team today.