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The Renovation Flowchart: What You Need to Know about the Building Stage

You’ve ran the permitting gauntlet and made it through to the other side. You are a stronger person for it and are ready for the final task – the building stage. 

Things are going to get messy (literally) for a bit, but don’t worry. Just trust the process and you’ll be reveling in your new home in no time.

Once you reach the Building Phase of your renovation project, the construction team will take the lead going forward. Think of it as an official passing the baton from your architectural team to the builders. 

For many design and architecture teams this stage means their work is done. At Debowsky Design Group, it means we simply switch gears and start our on-site advocacy work. Having been in this industry for over twenty years, we know how easily some aspects of your design can get derailed or how the smallest hiccup on site can create a need for a big change in your design. 

It’s vital to have an advocate who is well-versed in not only your design but also what you truly want to accomplish in your space. In the event, a certain wall or wiring issue gets in the way, we are on hand to work with your builder to find a suitable solution. 

It’s also happened, where we need to be on-site to ensure the builders follow the design accurately. Small details, like the placement of a showerhead, can be mis-measured – and no one wants you having to squat low to rinse your hair. 

Will Your Construction Timeline Change After Construction Starts?

There is certainly a point during construction where we all start to sound like we’re trapped on a road trip asking how much longer until we get there. From the beginning of your project, we try to give you a reasonable estimate of your construction timeline, so that you know what to expect. The reality is that it is not uncommon to see that timeline get pushed back multiple times as work progresses and change orders come through. 

When it’s ground up construction, we have a very good idea how long it will take, but construction can get tricky if it’s a renovation. You never know what you’ll find behind the walls until you open them up. 

Get Thee an Architect That Will Be Your Advocate

As we mentioned, at Debowsky Design Group, we ensure everything is built as you envisioned it. You spent a lot of time, and money, up to this point to design and build the home you’ve always wanted – now is not the time for us to sit back and relax (well, it is the time for you to do that – just not us). 

Our biggest recommendation for anyone looking to build or renovate their home is that they find vendors who become true partners throughout this process. It’s an emotionally driven, exciting time – and it’s important to have a team that will see you through it all. 

If you’re ready to design the home of your dreams, give us a call today.