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The Renovation Flowchart: What You Need to Know about the Design & Development Stage

So, you’ve successfully laid out the big picture view of your project and are ready to move on to the next stage of the renovation process in Miami: the design and development stage. 

Congrats! This is where the fun begins. 

For homeowners who have decided to either build new or undergo a substantial renovation, design and development is where you get to see the vision you had in your head, come to life into something a bit more tangible.  

It’s an exciting time as you get to work with your architectural team to see how it all comes together and you get to start dipping your toes into interior design as well. 

It’s All About the (Design) Details

Sure, decision fatigue is certainly a thing, and we just made a whole bunch of decisions to get us this far. But now is not the time to phone it in. Pour yourself a coffee (or something stronger) and let’s dive into all the selections you get to make during this phase of renovation. 

While your architectural team is drafting the new design of your home, ensuring every detail is measured appropriately, the windows are in the right place to let in the perfect amount of sunlight, and masterminding the best possible layout to each room – you get to focus on materials, hardware, lighting and so much more. 

Working with your design team, you can look, touch and heck – smell – (though, we don’t recommend tasting), different countertops, wood grains, and tiles that will create the space you feel most at home in. 

For those of you who love a good design show, this is the phase where they tend to spend the most amount of screentime as it truly is where the pieces fall together and the vision board comes to life. 

How The Design Stage Can Impact Your Renovation Timeline

There are typically two snag points that hold up a home renovation project. The main one is typically found during the during the permit run and the second is right here in the Design & Development Stage. 

But, while the Permit Phase is mostly out of our hands, Design & Development delays is something we can prepare for in advance and be mindful of throughout the renovation process. 

Let’s say you know you want a specific Italian Marble for your countertops…that’s still at the quarry in Carrara. We’re going to order it early so that we can get the slab(s) stateside with plenty of time to spare so that construction isn’t held up. 

The best practice is to go through the selection process for each item you have selected and see if there is a waitlist (or long shipping times) and pencil everything into the calendar. And if there are some items – say, that Japanese toilet that is the epitome of civilization – that is the only option, order it sooner rather than later. But if you are not partial to any particular throne, don’t worry – you don’t have to be! 

Being flexible on certain design items by having a list of top three choices, or allowing for similar pieces, allows you the ability to avoid any extra variables and stick closer to your pre-determined renovation timeline.

All this is actually incredibly important, as these pieces come together to get you closer to the next stage: Building. 

Have questions about the process, or ready to start your own renovation? Give us a call, and let’s get started.