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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Renovating your bathroom(s) is the easiest way to add value, useful square footage, and aesthetic appeal to your home with minimal effort.

You may be surprised to learn that tackling your bathroom isn’t as big of a project as you may think. But the payoff is well worth it. Especially if you’re going big and taking the plunge with a full master-suite addition!

Lately, we’ve been making a big splash in our clients’ powder rooms. We compiled 5 of our favorite new moves to make a big impact in your space:

  • Go For Simplicity. Luckily for some of our decision-weary clients, an up-and-coming design style is the one-material trend. Pick a color, any color. No matter the size of the space, it’s transformed into an impactful, calming place when one color or material is used throughout, floor-to-ceiling.
  • Move, or Lose, the Tub. No, really. Check out the trends on Pinterest; the most coveted bathrooms include either a displaced bathtub that now sits prominently in the bedroom, or the removal of it altogether. Just imagine the ways you could utilize that square footage. (We’ve got ideas. Lots of them. Like, what about an integrated wetrom? We thought you’d like that one.)
  • Replicate Your Favorite Spa. Float the vanity. Line the walls with marble. Choose a medicine cabinet that looks like a unique piece of furniture. Showcase your loveliest products on open shelving ledges. Our general rule is that if your bathroom makes you gasp like the one in your hotel on vacation, we’ve done our job right.
  • Black is back. What can we tell you: black is timeless and works with just about any design style, material, or surface. We’re using it a lot in our recent bathroom renovations, big and small.
  • Smarten up. From hands-free motion controls to automatic tub fills, heated commodes, and interactive products that can talk to Alexa, Siri, and Google Home, your bathroom can be the smartest room in the house.

Get ready to wash your worries away. A bathroom remodel is the perfect project to tackle during the spring months – well before the longer summer days hit, schedules fill up more quickly, and permit-granting agencies are busier.

Give us a call. We can make things happen quickly. Before you know it, your bathroom will be so fresh and so clean. (Thank you to OutKast.)




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