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We Love Miami

Local Spots You Must Not Miss

At Debowsky Design Group, we consider ourselves lucky to have landed in such a culturally rich and ever-inspiring city. There’s always something new to discover no matter where you turn, and no matter what time of day. Miamians are experts at working hard, playing hard, and adding generous amounts of coffee in between. Here’s where we amp up our creativity levels:

It all begins with coffee. Our local choice is Pasion del Cielo Coffee, a hip yet cozy spot to sit awhile or pop in for a pre-ordered cuppa. We can’t quit their Cortaditos, but be sure to try their Cinasugar Latte and Pineapple Coconut Smoothies. And you’re going to want to Instagram the coffee art your barista creates just for you. Follow Pasion del Cielo Coffee on Facebook.

As long as we’re talking coffee, we can’t forget to mention Panther Coffee, our Miami-based specialists in the small-batch roasting of coffee beans. Panther Coffee is more than coffee. It’s the heart of Wynwood, where devoted customers gather to create, plan, write, and initiate the ideas that shape the city. You can also catch their cool coffee in Coconut Grove and Sunset Harbour. Think lush spaces filled with art and music, where some of our most creative concepts have been imagined. Follow Panther Coffee on Facebook.

Looking for innovative and stylish eyewear? You’ll find it at Edward Beiner, one of the first designers to recognize prescription glasses as a fashion piece rather than a medical necessity. Don’t miss the South Miami location, which we recently redesigned. It’s breathtaking. Follow them here.

If you’re thinking of a kitchen or bath redesign, your first stop is Debowsky Design. Your second? Ann Sacks, the treasure trove of beautiful stone and tile. We go together well.

For endless inspiration, our designers and clients enjoy a stroll through Floridian Furniture, known for their line of Stressless Living furniture, the most attractive, ergonomically designed pieces for your home or office. Well worth a stop. (Probably two or three!) Keep in touch and be alerted to their sales here.

It’s almost Mother’s Day. May we suggest a superbly designed timepiece to mark the occasion? This will do, as will anything from Arango, a design shop for style enthusiasts. Or what about a globally inspired piece for your beloved world traveler? We highly recommend the treasures of Plume, where you can snag everything from vibrant juju hats to a one-of-a-kind “collar de mesa” by Guatemalan artist David Ordonez. It’s all exquisite.

If you find yourself in need of a bespoke suit, you’ll find world class tailors and stunning fabric selections at Artigiano. We must warn you, however, that this shop is dangerous: You will never want to shop off the rack again. Follow them here.


Well, it’s been a full day of shopping, hasn’t it? Let’s stop for dinner. Earls is a great family-friendly stop in the heart of the mainland; they even have a cookbook chock full of their most iconic dishes, and it’s a fantastic venue for large groups and intimate gatherings. We love it. You will, too. Follow them here.


One more spot to help you fall in love with Miami: The Globe. If it’s Saturday night, be there for the finest straight-ahead and Latin jazz in Miami. They cater and deliver, but there’s nothing quite like tucking in to a table for the evening, ordering off the Zagat-rated menu. Follow The Globe here.


We’re proud of our fellow Miami businesses who continue to inspire us and motivate us to keep this city beautiful. Come visit us all, won’t you?




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