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Why You Should Use Wood Plastic Composites

Are you planning your dream deck? Or maybe you’re even jotting down ideas for a pergola. If so, know that you are planning more than just a simple outdoor addition. That is typically the case when it comes to any hardscaping outdoors in Miami and across South Florida.

When it comes time to decide the type of wood to use, it has to live up to your expectations for the space and weather the (big) storms. If you were planning on using basic wood, think again.

While there may be two options before you, wood vs. wood-plastic composites, the latter is the true superstar in this story.

Wood-Plastic Composites: Trexx

What are wood-plastic composites? WPC, like Trexx, are a very popular option for wood decking. With regular wood, there is always going to be the issue of aging.

Common aging signs of wood include:

  • Rot
  • Discoloration
  • Dryness
  • Splintering

All in all, the wood will begin to look and feel old and miserable.

Even if pressure-treated wood was something that you were interested in, it often contains a green hue due to chemicals that eventually evaporate. So, what’s left after evaporation? Wood that splits, cracks, and twists.

While wood decking is familiar, always available, and possibly a little more affordable, having material that will last without the headache or problems erupting later, is worth it.

That is where Trexx comes in.

  • It closely resembles wood decking without look plastic-y
  • Has a moisture shield to protect it against the elements and avoid warping, splintering, and cracking
  • Only requires sweeping or washing
  • Is not prone to insect damage
  • Is easy to cut using everyday tools
  • Has CoolDeck® technology that helps reduce heat up to 35%

When it comes to materials, you deserve the best. Let’s talk about your best options and what is going to work best for your home and your space.