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Everything & The Kitchen Sink

How to Plan Your Kitchen Remodel

Congratulations! You decided to give your kitchen a makeover so you’ll be getting to explore all the takeout options in the city for the next few weeks! JK…sort of.

But seriously, kitchens can be the center of the home. A good kitchen can be a joy to cook in, a pleasure to host in, a haven where you can cradle that cup of coffee in the bleary-eyed mornings.

Here’s how to plan out that kitchen remodel.  


First, bust out the tape measure. Do you have to work with what you’ve got or are there options for expanding your space? We’re bound by the laws of physics but within the realms of innovative design there are so many ways to make your kitchen work for you.

Whether your space is 100 or a 1,000 square feet, you have options. But size matters here. You won’t want the double basin farmhouse sink in a small space. Measure. Plan. Repeat. And you’re on your way to a new kitchen.


When you’re chopping veggies, you don’t want to cross ten feet to get to the stovetop. And bottlenecks are bad design. Flow is the combination of aesthetics and functionality that make a kitchen work you and how you use the space.

Designers use a principle called the kitchen triangle to balance the kitchen flow. It helps you find the perfect movement, rotation and flow of every aspect of your kitchen. This theory has been around since the early 1900s and it still applies today.

Hire a Professional

While using a tape measure and the kitchen triangle are simple principles in theory, there are countless nuances, logistics, flow factors and codes that must be followed. Yeah, we’re going to recommend your bring in a professional.

And who else to make your kitchen the heart of your home? That’s right, you guessed it. Debowsky’s got your back. Consultations are free with no strings attached.

Let’s start remodeling!