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Which Lighting Style is Best for You?

From Chandeliers, Pendants and Recessed Lights – How to Pick What Fits Your Style

Let there be light!

When it comes to turning on the lights, the design choices can get a little (okay, a lot) overwhelming. Do I want ambient or task lighting? Which style? Art nouveau, country, traditional, transitional, contemporary, coastal, European, Asian? And that’s just for the pantry! What about the rest of the house!?

We’re here to break it down, so you can start narrowing your options. But remember, hiring the right designer can save you a lot of time and money in both deciding your lighting and knowing whether the specs are going to work for your home.

Here are a few questions to consider:

What is the room for and how will light be used?

We like to start first with function and serving the purpose of the room.

The kitchen is a great example of different uses. Some people love cooking and need the light to see their veggies so they don’t chop any fingers off. Digits are useful. Others don’t cook much, but love hosting and the kitchen becomes more of a social center. For each room, we want you to ask yourself: how will I use this room and where do I need the light to shine?

Recessed vs. Pendant Lighting?

The Nitty Gritty: Do you prefer bright, out-of-the-way lighting, or a big, bold statement?  

Recessed lighting offers a clean, inconspicuous form of light. All light, no show. We recommend white trims to conceal those lights.

Pendant lighting brings both a functional and aesthetic quality. Light and looks, ooh la la.   

Warm vs. Cool Colors?

You don’t need to know the Kelvin scale rating of your lights. What you need to know is the feel you’re looking to achieve.

Warm light has a, well, warm glow to it that is more yellowish or even orange. It’s relaxing, calm and cozy.

Cool light is bright, clean, stimulating, with a bright white, sometimes blueish hue. It brightens up the space and really shows off what you’re working with.

A nice neutral color is 3000K, right in the middle of the road.

What’s Your Design Style?

So, what’s your style? Okay, we know – BIG question. But really, look around:  What is the style of your house? Or better yet, what is the style of your Pinterest board? Or Instagram Feed? Start gathering inspiration and look for patterns. It’s better to take your time really identifying what makes you FEEL good versus what you think would work or flow. Because, while we’re big fans of mixing-and-matching styles, we also know some things just do not jive.

We know that lighting choices can be tough, especially when considering your whole home or office space.

Lighting is a chance to express your moods, your design aesthetic and even your values. We’re big on light here. It’s a crucial aspect of design that can vastly improve your home.

Got Questions? We have answers. We’re here to help you find the lighting style that is right for you.

Lights on! And Happy Hanukkah—the Festival of Lights!