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What is an Owner’s Rep for Luxury Residential Builds?

Every luxury residential build is a journey. During the process there will be a series of decisions to be made, and responsibilities to fulfill. Having an owner’s rep on board is like having an exclusive concierge for your journey handling all of the details. As an owner’s rep, our team is your advocate and subject matter expert (but not a replacement for you within the process) and we are happy to do so even if we were not the architect. We will represent your interests and make sure your home will be as you envision it. Of all the professionals you will work with during the construction process, only your owner’s rep is there for the sole purpose of making your life easier.

Let’s Talk Benefits

First, and foremost, having an owner’s rep brings all of their expertise to the table. This is not only their knowledge of the construction process, best, practices, and industry standards – though it does include those. 

An owner’s rep is also someone that will manage the people on the job site – your owner’s rep might hire (or fire) subcontractors, for example. They will not just be your eyes and ears, but also your brain. This gives you an upper hand in preventing problems as well as addressing any questions that arise with a full understanding of the situation. 

Your owner’s rep will also streamline communication between you and all the other parties involved with your project. There will be a lot of hands in the proverbial cookie jar, and having one key person to communicate with all of them cuts down on miscommunications and potential conflicts. A project simply runs smoother when everyone is well-informed, and that is one of the key tasks on your rep’s to do list. 

As a homeowner you still have all your own day-to-day responsibilities to deal with alongside your dream home being built. Some homeowner’s are overseeing their projects from out of state. Having an owner’s rep frees up so much of your time and allows you to focus on other things stress-free because you know someone is there to protect your interests and manage the details. As a project moves forward there will be some things you will need to make a final decision about. These will be brought to you by your owner’s rep who will give you all the pertinent information along with their recommendations for keeping you on budget and on schedule without sacrificing quality. 

Integrate Your Owner’s Rep Early

Among the important duties of an owner’s rep is making sure that your vision for your project is being made a reality by everyone on site. This streamlines everything and helps us create a successful, seamless process.

Your owner’s rep will be overseeing all the vendors, contractors, and subcontractors on site throughout the project. Having us involved early on means we are able to offer our professional contacts, and the benefit of our experience working with many area professionals over the years. A collection of professionals who have worked well together in the past makes project oversight go more smoothly. 

No matter what stage of your luxury residential build you’re currently in Debowsky Design Group can help. Get in touch, let’s work together to make it great.