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Harness the Sunshine – Solar Power in SoFla

Since 2019 Florida has ranked in the top three states to turn to solar energy. There are incentives on federal, state, and local levels designed to encourage residents to invest in residential solar panels. They don’t call us the Sunshine State for nothing – we get a higher percentage of sunny days year-round than most places in the US. More sun exposure makes SoFla the perfect place to max out the benefits of solar energy.

Benefits to Solar Power

Installing residential solar panels can help reduce how much you spend on your electric bill every month. Having solar power could help in the event of outages if you have a system that is at least partially off-grid rather than tied in. “Net metering” allows homeowners with solar panels to feed any excess energy they produce back into the grid. In exchange you’ll receive credits which offset your energy costs. You’ll also be contributing to the stability, and therefore reliability, of the grid. 

Florida also offers some great tax benefits. What you qualify for depends on your specific location and the details of your solar equipment. We won’t get too in the weeds on this here, but we can get into the details with you one on one. Just know that there are some great savings available. 

The Bigger Picture

Bringing more solar into our state is also stimulates our economy with more new jobs. Local businesses will be the ones who get the work doing installation and maintenance. The more innovation we see in the renewable and sustainable energy sector, the better it is for our state and local economies. 

Modern solar technology is made to be durable. Nothing is indestructible, but they can withstand the kind of extreme weather conditions Florida is prone to. Adding solar panels is another conscientious way to design for our region – even considering hurricane season.

Running the Numbers on Solar

At the end of the day, don’t expect an amazing return on your investment when it comes to solar power. Yes, your electric bill will go down every month, but it will take 6-10 years of everything going right (read: no damage to the panels and minimal maintenance after the installation costs) for your solar panels to pay for themselves. 

That being said: every step we take to future-proof our homes is a step in the right direction. Have questions, or want to get into the details of adding solar to your home’s design? We can help. Give us a call.