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Computer Programs to Bypass Architects? No, Thanks.

With the advent of new technologies and software programs, consumers are empowered to take the design process into their own hands, foregoing the architect. Now you can be your own architect and design the space you’ve been envisioning.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

It does until you take out a load bearing wall on accident, or cause a major electrical issue or measure incorrectly and now your plumbing system needs to be redone…The list goes on.

While it’s very tempting to think of the money that could be saved on a DIY project, the risks far outweigh the gains. At least for now, there are no computer programs that can truly do the complex job of an architect.

One of the greatest questions an architect asks is: Can it be built? Closely followed by: Should it be built? Just because something can be designed in a computer program doesn’t necessarily mean it will pan out in real life. And just because a software program shows you the rough schematic of a design doesn’t mean it will function well and it doesn’t always mean it should be built.

Many of these programs operate with a sleek and savvy software, but a pretty picture does not guarantee a pretty (or functional) space. That pretty picture may cause you to make a mistake that could cost you in the long run. For instance, taking out a load bearing wall or any other structure in the home that may be built in a specific way to ward of hurricane damage or earthquakes depending on the part of the country you’re in. Or having a cabinet door that opens into the refrigerator or a dishwasher that can’t be opened at all because you put the cabinets too close together.

Architects don’t simply provide a drawing. They design with your home and your lifestyle in mind. They know the building codes to follow, and how to coordinate with contractors and builders. They design with the climate in mind and every other factor that could affect the form and function of your space.

But just so you don’t think we’re naysayers on all design programs, we do see some benefits to this type of technology being in the hands of the consumer. They are very useful in bringing an idea to form and showing the intent of a space, as well as a client’s perception of design. Another thing they can do is demonstrate the complexities and intricacies of design to give you a better appreciation of the process as a whole.

For now, no software or computer program can replace an architect. Perhaps someday in the far future Debowsky Design Group will have to look for new jobs, but that day is not today and it’s not coming any time soon. And we are firm believers that beautiful design requires a human touch.

Let us know how we can bring beautiful design to your home today!