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Designing Your Home for Aging in Place

Like a fine wine, we only get better with time. 

And as such, our homes should get better too and evolve with us as our needs change. Because, despite what we may want to think, our needs do change as we age – and sometimes having a little extra support in key places can make a big difference.

No, we’re not going into a full-blown Life Alert ad, but we do know a thing or two about designing a home to better accommodate life’s many stages. 

One of the most powerful things about functional design is when you plan for 10 or more years in the future when designing a new space. That’s where Aging in Place (AIP) renovation comes in. 

For instance, we never recommend new parents to install toddler-friendly vanities in their bathrooms during a renovation. Why? Because kids are not toddler-height forever. Instead, we’ll add a pull-out stool system that can tuck away when they’re older. The same thought goes into AIP design. 

You may not need specific designs today – but it’s so valuable to consider good design that can age with you. Here are a few key things to consider when renovating:

Curbless Showers and Non-Slip Flooring

As we age, the risk of a slip-and-fall becomes a serious danger. Adding non-slip flooring to bathroom and shower is perhaps the most important renovation you can make. Selecting tile that is meant to reduce possibility for a fall when wet is so valuable. Many tile companies even boast sections to find non-slip tiles that are crafted specifically for the shower and baths.

Additionally, curbless showers help eliminate the any tripping hazards caused by traditional bathtubs or showers. Not to mention, they are very on trend right now too! 

Finally, creating wider doorways, better lighting, and even higher toilets can make a big difference in the long haul of, well, life. 

Level Off the Foundation

In Florida, many homes have rooms at varying levels. You know – the single step down into the living room or sunroom or the step up into the hallway. Leveling off the foundation to create a seamless floor at one level is vital for any aging in place design. 

Many Florida homes boast large-format tile flooring – as a result, one key thing to keep in mind is to minimize lippage and reduce grout joint sizes which can be trip hazards.  

The real goal with designing for aging in place is to eliminate any possibilities for injury. Besides, you know it was driving you nuts anyway – and it’s a great opportunity to upgrade your flooring like you’ve always wanted. 

At Debowsky Design Group, we understand the importance of creating a safe, aesthetically pleasing space in your home. If you’re ready to make some changes so that you can age in place right where you are – give us a call today.