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Do You Need an Owner’s Rep for Your Luxury Residential New Build?

The short answer: you don’t need an owner’s rep on your luxury residential new build, but you definitely want one. Here’s why:

What’s an owner’s representative?

We touched on this in our blog “Should you hire a home representative for your home renovation [link]” but an owner’s representative is just that—they’re your representative during the construction process. They liaison for you so that all of your interests are adhered to during building, thereby saving you an inordinate amount of time. What exactly do they do? An owner’s representative tackles:

Budget and schedule management

The owner’s representative can keep your project on schedule and on budget. An experienced representative knows when a project starts to veer off course and how to bring things back into alignment. 

Point of contact

The owner’s representative will be your point-of-contact during the project. They’ll coordinate all the different contractors, government agencies, engineers, architects, utility providers, financial institutions, etc. This leaves you with one centralized stream of information, rather than trying to manage a variety of contacts. 

Your interests

The owner’s representative is there to, well, represent your interests on the project. That means sticking to the budget but it also means that your interests are being tended to, even when you’re not present. As a busy individual, this can be the strongest way of being in the room without actually having to be in the room.

Difference between an owner’s representative and a project manager

You may read the above and ask, “isn’t that a project manager?” The quick answer is “not really.” They serve different functions on a project. For example, an owner’s representative is there to serve as a liaison. While the role will vary depending on the job, overall the function is generally there to monitor, assist, and communicate. They are an extension of you, the owner.

A project manager, on the other hand, essentially plans and oversees the construction process. They are usually hired by the individual contractor and direct everything pertaining to their discipline. For example, there may be a project manager for the engineer and another for the general contractor. 

It’s important to note that owner’s representatives can have their own project managers who also assist in overseeing the project (depending on the complexity of your home). While there’s a lot of overlap, the important thing is to consider what your specific project needs are and who is best suited to see them through to completion.

How to find an owner’s representative

The best time to integrate an owner’s representative is early in the development process. This way, they can know about your intentions, the project and how best to represent you through every stage of your luxury residential development. If your architect is unable to act as your owner’s representative, it’s best to go through a third-party firm. 

Should you get an owner’s representative?

The quick answer is that it depends on your needs. If you’ve got a bit of experience overseeing luxury building or renovation projects, you may see less of a need for an owner’s representative. On the other hand, you may have experience, but don’t have the time to personally coordinate every step of the process. In either case, an owner’s representative may be for you.

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