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Finding the Right Interior Designer for YOUR style

So, you’re ready to redesign a room in your house. Maybe even multiple rooms or, dare we even say it, your whole house. There’s always some part of your house ready for a touch-up. But our homes are a part of ourselves, so opt for a design team that can effectively capture your style. Your home should fit you, not the other way around. Here are some handy tips on finding the right interior design team for your unique style.

Before you start looking for an interior designer

To make sure you find the right interior designer, you need to do a bit of prep work. For example, it’s important to know the full scope of your project before you start signing contracts with general contractors and other vendors. You’ll want to take stock of what really needs to be updated. A full home renovationsounds like a great idea (at first). But when considering finances, your personal tastes and even the proposed renovation timeline, tackling key areas strategically can save you a lot of headaches down the road. All these can also help you generate a sample budget to discuss once you’re ready to speak with contractors. They don’t have to be perfect, just workable.

Where to look for an interior designer

You’ve got your home renovation ideas together with a sample budget and timeline. How do you find the right designer who can match your unique style?

One easy method is to ask your friends, family or coworkers if they’ve undergone a home design process recently and who they worked with. You can also ask any real estate agents, reliable architects, and even general contractors have that recommendations for designers that you can speak with. 

Let’s not forget about Google. It can be a great option to supplement your search. Local designers are usually the best bet as they know the area, the local styles, and have relationships with local stores, tradespeople and more. 

What to look for in an interior designer

The right homeowner / designer relationship is built around communication. When interviewing a designer, ask yourself, “Am I going to enjoy having this person around my house?” or “Will they be able to help my vision come to fruition?” These are all important questions you have to ask yourself when looking for the right interior designer.

In addition, you’ll want to think about your communication expectations. Some designers hold weekly meetings to discuss any progress or delays. Then there’s preferences between phone calls, texts and emails as well. When it comes to an update to your home design, make your expectations clear and obvious.

Get a designer who will elevate your unique style

Ultimately, you don’t want to go with an interior designer who’s a one-trick pony, who provides the same look over and over again. You’re unique. Your home’s design should reflect that. So, opt to work with a designer who can translate your vision into a home that fits you, not them. 

At Debowsky Design Group, we design for our clients. That means, we take the time to get to know them – their passions, their travels, their family, and their desires. We use that to work hand-in-hand with them to create tailored interiors that speak volumes. 

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