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Cooking In Style: Five Fresh Kitchen Designs for Your Home

All-white kitchens have always been a fan favorite for a lot of folks, whether they’re traditionalists, modernists, minimalists, or just plain I-can’t-decide-on-a-colorists. And it’s currently topping the charts on Billboard’s top kitchen styles (if Billboard had such a thing…)

But your style and tastes might not match the kitchen du jour. Nor should it. There are a slew of super cool kitchen concepts that we’re just dying to share with you. From mis-matched uppers and lowers and porcelain backsplashes to the more modern take on islands and spice drawers (we said it, just let that sink in for a moment).

When it comes to upgrading your kitchen it’s all about creating the perfect balance that reflects your life and personal style. At Debowsky Design Group, we love to blend trends with timeless design. Lately, we’ve been focused on finding modern twists to spice up the most popular room in your home, if only around dinnertime. Here are five of our faves:

  1. Grey is the new white. Griege, that ubiquitous is-it-grey-or-is-it-beige color, pairs well with any trend. Blue-grey lends a sophisticated, vibrant tone to a room, but we’re also loving a purple-grey focus. (It’ll match the eggplant you’re grilling for dinner tonight.)


  1. Integrated appliances. While not a new trend, it’s certainly an up-and-coming request for most of our clients who don’t necessarily want to see the stove. One client swears hiding her refrigerator has resulted in a ten-pound weight loss. We’re convinced.


  1. Embrace functionality. Our designers are drawn to multi-use and easy functionality. We’re talking island extensions, hydraulic doors and roll-out shelves, vertical space solutions, and motion-sensor lighting where you need it most.




  1. Copper is king. Think of it as the rose-gold iPhone: everyone wants it. But it’s not just copper that’s making a comeback, it’s also fresh appliance finishes like matte black or ice white, as well as other elevated décor trends that are suddenly finding their way into the kitchen. Think lush wallpaper as a backsplash, protected by glass, or a hammered gold range hood.


  1. Connectivity is key. Planning meals and making sure they don’t burn to a crisp is difficult, but there are ways to make the kitchen your easiest room to navigate. From a hands-free faucet to sensor-activated lights and appliances that connect to your smartphone, it’s possible to bring your kitchen into the future without a lot of time-travel through renovations. Refrigerators are multi-tasking as sous chefs, scheduling assistants, DJs, your direct line to your favorite pizza joint, and grocery paparazzi. (Apples, are you ready for your close-up?)



Interested in taking a bite out of your old kitchen and replacing it with something a bit more…palatable? We’re ready to help. And remember, at Debowsky Design Group, we offer clients a free – yes, TOTALLY FREE! – consultation to help you get started on turning your house into your dream home.




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