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Home Design Trends for 2021

When we talk design trends for the new year, it’s typically gentle changes – a new palette of colors, new tile trends, wallpapers…you know, the usual. Nothing major. Not this year.

2020 has done a number on our world, our needs and our mind state. Post-pandemic design is going to look radically different from the years and decade before. Gazing into our design crystal ball (alright, it’s a magic-8 ball), we’d be willing to bet that we’ll look back at 2021 as a critical turning point in architecture and design.

Here’s what we’re going to be seeing in the home in 2021.


Multifunctional spaces are so hot right now (please picture Mugatu from Zoolander). But seriously, modularity is perhaps the greatest takeaway from 2020. We’re working from home, we’re actually cooking in our kitchens and eating at the dinner table most nights, the kids need their space, parents need their sanity. Our homes need to fulfill many purposes and so we look to modularity to transform rooms into multi-purpose spaces.

Healing and comforting spaces

2020 put us through a lot emotionally. Like, a lot. 2021 (and most likely the decade to come) will be about design that provides comfort, security and healing.

Anxiety, isolation, fear and confusion – these were the top trending emotions of 2020. These emotional needs find their counterbalance by softening design and décor to help us achieve gratitude, empathy, inspiration and clarity. Think plants, Zen garden, lighting that soothes, and a feng shui focus on harmony, balance, flow.

And on the other, more physical or tangible side of healing, anti-microbial surfaces, water and air purification systems and at-home gym spaces will factor into design. Overall health and wellbeing are at the front of everyone’s minds and so they will be at the forefront of design.

Joy and humor in design

Again, the emotional needs of families and humanity as a whole are going to find their way into design like never before. We’re going to see levity in design, which could come out as whimsical handmade tile, brightness and color throughout the whole house and little pieces of art, textiles or other little touches that invoke joy, humor and lightheartedness.

Uncluttered, clean and minimalistic

Look out for calming, clean lines, minimalist design, hiding your hardware, invisible push-style latches and integrated handles. Whether you’re going for a modern, contemporary, mid-century modern, tropical or any type of style, we’ll see an imprint of de-cluttering design with clean, soothing, seamlessly incorporated minimalism.

Durability, sustainability and buying local

We are going to be putting our homes, appliances and products to a lot more use as we stay inside more and more, so durability will be key. Along with this comes the increasingly more prominent awareness that we are living in an environmental crisis. The new home and the new homeowner will want to do their part by finding sustainable, low (or no) impact design, as well as shopping local as much as possible.

2021, we may be putting a lot of pressure and expectation on you. But even if you are just mildly better than 2020, we’ll feel like we won the lottery. In architecture and design, oftentimes it is the crises and pivotal moments in society when we see the greatest innovations and advancements. So, if 2020 brought us anything, it is the new design trends of 2021, which will meet our needs in so many ways.

And, hey, if nothing else, you’ll have your dream house designed for the next quarantine. Just kidding, sort of. Honestly, we are optimistic about the future of design. We hope this look into 2021’s trends will help you feel the same.